Written by v1kk1

7 Dec 2005

My early Christmas treat from my neighbour

Our village loves a good party, so when my ever gorgeous neighbour decided to throw the

party of the year, i couldnt wait. Even thou Christmas was still a few weeks away, the

Christmas spirit was raging and well horny.

Next doors house and garden looked spectacular all decked out with mistletoe and holly, fake

snow and snow flakes, thousands of tiny lights, a huge bonfire towards the end of the garden,

the bbq bursting with stacks of meat (im a very active meat eater), the Christmas punch

seemed to be never ending, all the usual cheesy Christmas songs playing. We had been

ordered to wear fancy dress, which as bit dodgy as it was almost winter, and quite chilly at


I was going to the party on my own, hubs had gone away on business and the children,

couldnt possibly be seen out with their mother... I got my mother Christmas suit out of the

attic, a sexy little number, the dress came to just above my knees, with white hold up

stockings with my black knee length boots, the front of my dress was slightly low cut, who

would have thought it of mother Christmas showing her tits off !. I was bursting out of the

dress, plenty of cleavage on show, with large sleeves and a floppy hood, i was set for a good


The party was well established, by the time i arrived, loaded with alcohol, i made my way

through the house into the garden, it looked magical. i spotted my neighbour in the distance

dressed as father Christmas, the perfect match.... As i was about to look away, he turned and

saw me looking at him and smiled a very sexy smile and raised his glass. He made his way

through the crowd of people building up around the bonfire and greeted me with a sprig of

mistletoe, held it over our heads, titled his head and smiled again. I looked up and then back

to him, smirked and landed him a very slow deep kiss. This tingled me all over, my nips

instantly went hard, and i could feel a pulse in my knickers. The kiss seemed to last forever,

but in reality only a few moments. I finished the kiss with a long probe from my tongue. I

looked into his eyes, he stared back, i couldnt wait for things to come...

We got interrupted by a group of his friends and the moment was lost but not forgotten. Food

was eaten, my alcohol flowed and the evening was kicking. A few hours later, a full bottle of

baileys gone, i bumped into him again. We were around the bonfire, which was starting to

simmer, but still giving off loads of heat. I couldnt work out if i was hot because of the fire or

because he was standing very close to me. The music was quite loud, so he had to lean

towards me to make me hear what he had to say. We chatted and we kept dropping sexual

comments. He made joke and as i thought it was quite funny started to get the giggles, and i

lost my balance, and thankfully he caught me, as he picked me up, his hand brushed against my

left nipple, he looked straight at me, as if to say your nipple is very hard, shall i do it again !. i

had a serious head rush and knew i needed to take the situation in hand, I mentioned that i had

never seen the bottom of his garden, i knew he had a small shed. He looked knowly and led

the way.

As soon as the door was shut behind us, i pushed him against the wall and give him the biggest

deepest kiss ever. His hands moved underneath my dress, felt his way up my stockings, inside

my knicks and he gently teased my arse. I gasped for breathe as i managed to feel his hard

cock to see how horny he was... I slipped my hand inside his trousers and found his wet

pulsating cock, i started to gently tease and stroke him as it was his turn to gasp for breathe.

I pulled down his trousers and took him in my mouth, slowly licking his end, taking him deep

into my throat, stroking his balls, this was driving us wild. He sat me on his work bench whilst

removing my knicks, and started to lick me out. I nearly fell off the bench from desire. He

licked and sucked my lips, teased my other hole and slipped the odd finger in my wetness. I

could feel myself coming, so i moved off the bench and turned round, offering myself. He

took me from behind with such force, i thought my legs would break. The rhthymn soon

started, he leaned over a felt my nipples, popping out over the dress and that spurred him on

to cum, as he touched my breasts more he twisted my nipples one last time, i orgasmed with

such extent, the bench felt as if it would go through the wall ..

We were both out of breathe as the last, push of sex left our bodies. After we had finished, he

just looked at me, and with a 'merry Christmas mother Christmas', kissed my exposed breast and

shut the door of the shed behind him. What a way to start the Christmas holidays....