Written by moriz

16 Jul 2006

My mum asked me to drop something off at Sophie's place, so I went along on my bike. Mind you this is when I was 13 and I hadn't had my first cum. When I got there I saw a postman's bike outside her house with the front door wide open. I thought nothing of it and went in. To my shock I saw the postman all over Sophie kissing and groping her large tits with Sophie half naked on the sofa. The postman quickly gathered himself and left the house, leaving me half shocked and half turned on by this whole scene. What happened next will stay with me for the rest of my life.

She asked me to shut the door, and she came close to me. My hart was thumping hard just like my dick was throbing in my pants with sweet pain.

She unzipped me and pulled my dick out, holding it in her hands she said Wao!!! it is so hot and hard like an oak. She than kissed it and took my hand and placed it on her pussy rubing it gently. I couldn't resist, so I grabed her breast with my other hand and than it started. She asked me to fuck her from behind, but before I could penetrate her it exploded, my cum for the first time all over her , on the sofa and even hit the cieling. It was the thickest and in so much abundance that she just grabbed my balls and licked my penis clean. After that I came home and slept for hours and hours. I will tell you later about what happened next.