Written by moriz

19 Jul 2006

Few weeks went passed, I tried to cherish the moment and experience I had with Sophie by avoiding her. Maybe there was an element of fear in it aswell. However, it wasn't long before I foundmyself knocking at her door again one morning. The door opened and she seemed surprised, asked me why I wasn't at school, to which I replied it was my day off. She asked me to wait downstairs, and than few minutes later she asked me to come upstairs. When I got there I was shocked to see the same postman sitting naked in the bed stroking his large dick, with a smile on his face. She introduced me and invited me to watch them. I sat on the bedroom chair, when she went upto him and he grabed her from the waist and lifted her onto his dick. He was shagging her like there was no tomorrow, maybe it was my presence that turned him on more or he was showing off, but whatever the case it surely turned me on giving me a stiffy. He then invited me to take her from behind. I quickly undressed and got into the action. She raised her buttocks allowing me to penetrate her from behind which I did grabbing both her bum cheeks thrusting my penis in and out. I suddenly felt a hand on my balls which felt good but it wasn't until that hand extended and suddenly I felt a finger caressing my asshole, when I realised it was the postman. At that moment I didn't care what that asshole was doing with my asshole, and just enjoyed the moment. Soon I got that feeling of sheer pleasure again and I exploded inside of Sophie, it must have been a strong jerk and a huge load because Sophie just dropped her head in extacy, pure pleasure.

We than had a shower, all three of us where I realised that the postman had a bisexual tendancies, because we both shagged Sophie again but in the small cubicle he kept touching my ass and rubbing his dick on my thighs aswell. I never saw him again, but things were just wild between me and Sophie after that. more to come later, about how things are these days after 23 years.