Written by middlepark

28 Jan 2007

Being a self-employed joiner in a small village I have to take virtually every job that cum's my way. About 8 weeks ago, I was asked to put in a new kitchen to an elder couple that live on the outskirts of the village in what must be the biggest house around.

Gerry is 63: semi retired and has one of the biggest potbellies that I have ever seen. Angie, his wife is 58 but could easily pass for someone in their late thirty's to early forty's.

I arrived to start the kitchen on a Monday morning, Gerry was just getting ready to leave, we said hello and he showed me in. At the sink was Angie, standing there in a see through nighty, my cock went hard straight away, just seeing her standing there with her firm body made me want to shoot my load all over her. Coffee she asked, my mouth was bone dry and all I could do was mumble something in reply. She took the mumble as a yes: Gerry went over to her and kissed her goodbye and left. Angie stood for a good 10 minutes in front of me showing of her body but I could do nothing but stare back at her.

For about 3 days Angie walked about the house virtually naked with next to nothing on. She loved every minute of it as I had a hard-on most of the time. On the Friday morning I had made up my mind to just grab her and fuck her brains out, it was what she wanted, wasn't it?

I arrived a little later than normal to try and miss Gerry, as I turned into the drive the bugger was still at home. Never mind, there is always later I thought to myself. By lunchtime Angie was still in her housecoat but VERY naked underneath. I was just away to put up a wall unit when she came up behind me and started to stroke my arse. I almost dropped the bloody unit: she then moved her hand to my cock. She started to lightly rub the front of my jeans, my cock was now the hardest it had been in years and I swear to god that it grown another inch or two in her hands. Just as quick as she came upon me, she walked away.

You cunt I thought, just then, she turned and said to me that Gerry won't be long so hurry up. I put the unit down and followed her to the stairs where she told me take my jeans off. As they slid down my full 9' sprang out at her. I was then directed to stand on the 2nd step. Angie began by very gently touching my very hard cock, there was pre-cum starting to leak out and I was almost ready to explode all over her face but I some how managed to hold back. She then started to rub her hand up and down my cock, just pulling the skin far enough down to expose my shinny helmet. Then, all of a sudden, her head dives onto my cock and she starts to suck it, she went for it. Her tongue, hand and mouth working together to give the best blowjob I have ever had. As I was getting ready to shoot my load down her throat she pulls her head away and walks towards the living. As she goes she tells me that will have to do for now. You fucking little bitch I say to myself and make my way to the bathroom. As I am about to shoot my load down the toilet, she walks in, has a little giggle and informs me Gerry is home. That night I went home and fucked the wife senseless.

As agreed I went to work on the Saturday to be informed by Gerry that if he were not back would I lock up, no problem I assure him and off I go. An hour later as I am underneath the sink fixing the taps on, Angie stands over me and asks if I am ready, as I crawl out of the unit I look up to see her wearing a very short skirt with a pair of skimpy lace knickers on which reveals her shaven pussy. I am quickly up and she passes me a towel and tells me to take a shower. As I cum out of the wet room she is standing there in stocking, suspenders and the sexiest black lace Basque I have ever seen.

She pulls me close and we start to kiss, slowly at first. Biting softly at each other's lips, licking, nibbling at our ears. She moans and pants, her breathing starting to get heavier. My cock was bulging, throbbing and ready for her. I gently ease out her left breast, my head moves down to her neck, kissing all the way. My fingers are now playing with her very stiff nipples, her moans are soft, her breathing deeper. I take her left nipple in my teeth and I start to bite it, more moans. My tongue goes into over drive as I get the right tit out and work that nipple with my fingers also. Her moans are getting louder, her breathing deeper, faster and her body is wriggling against my cock. I start to bite both nipples and she started to pant, my fingers move to her pants. She opens her legs just far enough to let one of my fingers inside her soaking wet but hot pussy.

She pushes me away and leads me to the bedroom. The bed is surrounded by mirrors and mirror wardrobe doors with even an over sized mirror on the ceiling. We kiss violently at the bottom of the bed. She sits down on the edge of the bed and goes to work on my cock. This is the best blowjob I have ever had. It's not long before I shoot about 7 loads of cum in her mouth and she swallows every last drop.

She moves up the bed and lies down. I start at her feet, gently kissing them, biting softly on her toes, using my tongue to tickle her feet gently. All this time she is moaning softly and her fingers are inside her panties. I slowly work my way up her legs, kissing, licking my way up while my fingers run up the outside of her legs. I reach her cunt and start to kiss it through her panties. She raises her ass and I pull them off to reveal a hot, wet, pink shaven cunt. I waste no time and I am down on her using my tongue to full effect. She cum's quickly the first time and as I insert two fingers she cum's again. Fuck me now she shouts.

As I start to pump my arse as hard and fast as I can her moans start to get louder and louder. I'm cuming: I'm cuming she shouts. I could tell by the way her arse was starting to tighten up that she was. We came together and I fell on top of her.

She pushes me off her and goes to work on my cock. To my surprise it's hard in no time and she screams to me to fuck her doggy style. As my balls are hitting her cum filled cunt, she is screaming for me to go quicker, deeper, harder. I try my best but still she wants more. I look down at her nice firm arse and noticed that her arse had been fucked very recently. As I am a chocolate virgin I whip my cock out of her cunt and whack it straight up her arse. Within two strokes I'm right up her arse. By this time her pants and moans are very loud. Don't you fucking dare stop shagging my arse she shouts. Wild horses couldn't have dragged my arse out of there. Angie was almost cuming again and she shouted it out. My rhythm was getting deeper and fast when all of a sudden the fucking wardrobe door slid open and out popped a naked Gerry. He was wanking as fast as he could, shouting at me to carry on. How the fuck could I carry on. I didn't know what to do. If I hit Gerry I wouldn't get paid, I was rooted – virtually to the spot. When I came to my senses Gerry was still telling me to fuck his wife, by now my hard on had went down quicker than a ton of bricks.

Angie was trying to get my cock in her mouth and Gerry was now on his knees still wanking away and telling to finish his wife off.

I got up and went down stairs to put my clothes on not knowing what to do. I never did go back to finish the kitchen off but two weeks ago a nice cheque came through the door with an even nicer bonus. Yesterday I saw another workman's van parked outside their house. I wonder what his reaction will be when Gerry pops out yanking at his dick?

If you ever read this Angie, I have to say that you are truly a great fuck with a body to die for. All the very best and please get in touch if you want a one on one – NO Gerry this time please!