Written by lillyandchad

21 Jul 2007

As we boarded the plane I noticed the eye contact between Chad and the busty blonde stewardess. I teased him about it but he said I was imagining it. As we settled in our seats and struggled to get comfy in the tiny space, she came over to us. She whispered that there were two private seats going if we were interested. We didnt need to be asked twice! Chad settled straight away in the large comfortable chairs whilst I put our bags in the over head compartment. I didnt realise I was stretching so high and my skirt had risen too much. I heard a light cough and turned to catch the co-pilot getting an eye full of my panties. His blue eyes shone with excitement and he grinned wickedly before going behind a curtain into their private quarters. I sat down still blushing....

We received complimentary drinks and soon Chad was asleep. The busty stewardess came to bring me another drink, she said it was from the co-pilot as an apology. I accepted it and began to sip on its fruity taste. Just then we seemed to hit turbulance and I spilt most of my drink down my blouse. The ever so helpful stewardess was there in a shot to help me. She led me to a private area where I could clean up. "its private here so dont worry about being interupted", she said and left. I stripped to my underwear and tried to scrub my stained clothes in the sink. Just then I heard another cough. Turning I saw those blue eyes again, all over my body. He stood there grinning and I felt nervous yet excited. He came closer and I stepped back against the sink. He leaned in to kiss me hard on the lips and I stepped into him to accept it greedily. His hands were all over me and I instantly got wet. He kissed hungrily down my neck and over my collar bone, down my chest and then onto my erect nipples. He took it in turns to flick his tongue over each of them before travelling down towards my tummy. He stopped there and kissed across the top of my panties. I gasped but looked towards the slightly open curtain. I could make out Chad and noticed the blonde sat in my seat. When I looked closer I noticed she was rubbing his cock, still inside his trousers. I snapped back to the moment by my admirer pulling my panties to one side and plunging his tongue into my pussy. I leaned back and opened my legs to help him get deeper. I was on the verge of cumming when he stood up and turned me around. Bending me over the sink he pulled down my panties and started rubbing his huge cock against my slit. I was gagging for him so I pushed back. He swollen end entered me but pulled back out, I pushed back again and took his whole length. I gasped as he plunged into me, his cock was bigger than any I had ever had before. Again I glanced at Chad with a guilty feeling, to see the blonde sucking on his hard cock. He still seemed to be asleep but having the best dream ever...

I felt his hard cock twitch inside me and hot spunk pump into me just at the same time I saw the stewardess take Chads full load down her throat. I could not hold on any longer and thrust back one more time as I came all over his cock and balls.

Before I knew it I was sat in my seat again, all flushed. Chad stired and rubbed his eyes. "oh lilly you are a naughty girl". He said zipping up his flies and grinning.