Written by bsminstructor

17 Apr 2006

Here we go with a little story to brighten your days aand maybe nights.

You have arranged a meeting and you are their early perched on the end of the bed. Racing through your mind is the thought of being fucked hard and good.

The man of your dreams knocks and enter the room and says tonight I will moisten my lips on yours and taste all that you and only you can give me?

You kiss and he tastes your sweetness as his cock streches to break free from his shorts. You gently stroke it and ask if it would like a warm moist home for the night as you unsnap your crotch and run your fingers down your wet pussy playing with your folds. Your imagination can almost feel his hard cock inside you its head gently teasing your hole and slowly being drawn in like honey to a bee.

He breaks your thought surgesting his cock would love the feel and warmth of your mouth, being sucked like a lollipop. You take his cock gently drawing it in then nibbling on its head before running the tip of your tongue along his shaft with the occasional suck on his shaven balls. He feels the sensation rising in his loins but you know just when to stop ready to take him to new heights.

You take his throbing cock from your mouth and stroke its tip under your wet folds feeling the first sensatins of orgasm as your pussy aches with desire. you cann't wait any longer you need to feel the hardness deep inside your steaamy wet folds of pink flesh, you plunge it into your dripping wet pussy wraping your legs tightly around his firm ass forcing him ever deeper into your pussy teasing and tantalizing his cock with the hot soft wetness of your pussy.

You start to move your hips riding to meet his every thrust srceaming him on you shout I'm cumming unable to hold on any longer you spray your juices drowning his thighs and balls in yor sweet juices. He slows his rythem as you feel your every nerve ending screeming with desire. you beg him to fiill your pussy with my hot juices deep inside as you cum together gentler this time but intense and lasting.

You lie in each others arms seeking strength to start again as he moves to take up the taste our mixed pleasure lapping at your delicate folds while you let out a gentle moan..................................