Written by miss86

12 Jul 2006

Rite iv known steve for about 3 months met him in a chatroom looked at his profile n there it was rite in my face his lovely big cock bulgin through his boxers n i was like i want sum of that. Said hi 2 him n the reply i got back was oh my god i want ur body n i said what n its only then that i realised hed looked at all the pics of me i was still quite shy so all i said was thanks. we was talkin bout sex for the nxt few hours n he got me really hot so i just had to go n fuck myself. all the men that know me know that i love my dildos so i decided to use my 9 inch. He rung me up but he also 4got 2 mention that he was irish n soon as he said hi i tingled all ova. He was tellin me how much he wanted to be inside me n touch me n the way he groaned made me cum within seconds. The next day we chatted online n he asked wherebouts i lived n told him n found out that he practically lived down the road from me. We aranged to meet in a pub 2 chat. Saturday came real quick i still had no idea what he looked like or how old he was i was kinda expectin the worst but when he walked in oh my god. He was 40 6ft 3 bit skinny but had the most sexiest arse iv eva seen n gorgeous eyes hes just a sexy fucker basicly. I had a low cut top on n cropped jeans n he couldnt take his eyes off my tits n he sat there just strokin my leg up n down i was gettin abit pissed so we decided to go bk to his. Soon as i got thro the door he threw me on the setee pulled my jeans down n fucked me afterwards i sucked him n left coz we were both drunk n it wernt good so i was abit dissapointed. Ihe next saturday was when it all happened. Went down his house no drink inside me at all got through the door n he was stark bollock naked smilin at me. He went n sat on the sofa n asked me to suck him n i did he said could he video it n i wasnt so sure but in the end i agreed. That was the first time id sucked a cock properly n had my first taste of cum n since then i love suckin dick. He put a porno on n i layed on the setee he came ova 2 me n started rubbin my thigh pushin my legs apart he lifted my skirt n rubbed around my cunt a moan escapin my lips as his head moved towards me he kissed me real hard groanin as is fingers slid inside me he then got my tits out n started suckin em n bitin em.Then his mouth moved dwn n he lickd me i couldnt stop moanin.He stopped n showed me how hard he was he told me 2 spread my legs as far as they would go i did n he fucked me real slow i got a good hold of his arse n the way he fucked me was so good he had 2 keep tellin me to shhh coz of the neighbours. We arranged to meet the next saturday which was last week i got there had sum tight boy shorts on n a skirt i got on the floor n bent ova the sofa he smacked my arse real hard while squeezing a tit. then he leaned into me grabbed hold of his cock n rubbed it ova my cunt still had me knickers on then he rubbed it against my arse n asked if he could i said yeah n he took my knickers dwn. he reached round n squeezed my tit as he lubed up my arsehole. Then he slowly slid his cock up my arse n the way he groaned oh my god. It didnt hurt like i thought it would. He started to fuck me harder n faster n i was lovin evry minute of it. it felt so so good i didnt want him 2 stop but he came so had to. After that i was layin on the floor n he came n layed nxt 2 me n cuddled me 4 ages then it was time 2 go

Ive been wiv a few guys inbetween but thats another story that this dirty bitch has got to tell lol

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