Written by petite696969

18 Dec 2006

I arrived in Cornwall on the 27th September and soon arrived at the home of my partner, taking a drink of vodka n orange from her' I sat on the sofa opposite. After a short period of time and after the vodka had kickws in, I arose and slowely paced towards my Partner.

Removing each item of clothing in turn, she soon sat their naked bar her knickers of white lace. Gently liting her bottom'I slid her knickers down her legs and over her ankles to be discarded on the floor.

That night of sex consisted of myself taking her while on her knees, my cock slid into her anal passsage with ease, as I entered her' her legs began to tremble and with crying out' I began the motion of anal sex, the night went on for some time with' receiving and giving oral sex, mutual mastibation, vaginal sex we find boring how ever the hightlight was when I gave her a golden shower to which she drank thirstly.

My partner will do anything asked of her without question, her ambition is to have 3 men at once' while my ambition is to watch my partner with another woman, ambitions we hope to fill before the end of 2006.

The night of 27th September ened when my partner took me in her mouth and swallowed deeply, falling into a deep sleep' we held each other with ambitions of trying new things in our lives, new things which you reading this can assist with