Written by elne

9 May 2006

Being a qualified masseur,allow me to relate an experience I had recently. My wife and I, along with other friends,decided to visit a club.We arrived at the club within minutes of each other and eventually all got changed and sat around chatting in our towels.One by one they paired off for fun leaving me and Minx together ( its my pet name for her )She has long red hair,pierced nipples,shaven pussy and a wicked laugh.After several moments of touching each others legs,I asked her if she would like a sensual massage.Quick as a flash she replied yes and as my cock began to twitch she took hold of my hand and we went in search of an empty room.Closing the door behind us,she lay on the bed face down and I could just see the swollen lips of her sex.I poured some oil onto my hands and began to massage her shoulders and back,with firm but gentle circular strokes and could hear a low moan escape her lips.My hands now travelled down to her bum,massaging each cheek in turn and occasionally,allowing a finger to slide down the cleft of her cheeks.She was now getting turned on as she started to moan a little louder and even emitted a few oos and ahs and her legs slowly began to open.My hands traced slow lines along the backs of her legs,first her right one then her left.I now positioned myself, sat between her outspread legs,giving me full view of her,what was now,a very wet pussy,the juices glistening on her outer lips.Starting at her ankles.I slid my hands up the outside of her legs,over the top of her bum cheeks and allowed my hands to slide down the valley between them,over her bum hole and as I approached the inside of her thighs,allowed my fingers to brush past her pussy and clit.

This movement had the desired effect,because as I did this she lifted her bum off the bed and pushed it back slightly,trying find my fingers.My hands returned to her ankles and repeated the whole move again,only this time as my fingers slid between her legs,they gently pulled her pussy lips open and caressed her clit in the same movement.Again I was treated to the sight of her open pussy as she lifted her bum off the bed.This time I slid my hands up the inside of her thighs and allowed my thumbs to enter her pussy,before sliding them to her buttocks.God,she was wet and my thumbs were left with a fine coating of her juices.Her head was moving from side to side and she said in a whisper \"fuck me please \" Sitting by her side I said \" not yet you minx \" and slid my hand between her legs,pushing 2 fingers inside her warm and very wet pussy.My other hand was massaging her bum cheeks as I slowly began to finger fuck her.My cock was rock hard and pressing into her thigh.Another finger found her clit and started to caress it with a gentle circular movement and my thumb was massaging her tight bum hole.Her bum was rising off the bed trying to suck more finger into her pussy and she was moaning and groaning about it feeling so good.Deeper and deeper my fingers sank and wetter and wetter she got,each move of mine was received by her thrusting her bum up.Her whole body began to shake as the pleasure of orgasm began to spread over her.She let out a cry of relief as the orgasm crashed over her.Seizing this moment,I gently turned her over and nudge my cock at her wet pussy.\"is this want you want,Minx\" \"Yes\" she replied and \"badly\".

I moved forwards slowly and looking down,watched my cock sliding in her pussy.God she was tight.My cock began to pump in and out,as it came out and it was covered in her juices.She met every thrust of mine with one of her own,my balls banging on her arse.\" Take me from behind\" she whimpered and so turning her on all fours,I sank my cock in er.Reaching my arm around her,I easily found her clit and as my cock was filling her pussy,I gently rubbed it.I could feel her pushing back on my cock and knew it wouldn\'t be long before I myself was coming.\"Harder\" she implored \"make me come\" I leant forward and holding onto her long red hair,started to fuck her deeper. As I could feel my cum rising in my cock,I toyed with her clit,making her squirm and push back.Her breathing was now more of gasping for air as she could feel another orgasm welling up inside her.\"I\'m coming I\'m coming\" she voiced and with that I let loose my load,deep inside her pussy,our juices mixing together.She gave one last thrust back and her orgasm,flooded her body and we both fell to the bed,my cock still twitching inside her. Having gained our breathe and composure,we headed for the shower but that\'s

another story.........................................