Written by dragonfist

11 Jan 2006

I woke up once again on my day off work to the sweet sensation of morning wood. Straight away, I took off my boxers in bed and lay there naked under the sheet. I peeled back my foreskin, and just closed my eyes and imagined having sex with Sarah. Gently touching myself in bed, I got hornier and pre-cum started to reach the top of my cock. Now, I thought. Sarah has moved back in with us! She gave her flat up a few weeks ago, and is now living back with us. Not a bad thing! I got up and out of bed and peered through the bedroom door, to see if she was in there. I listened downstairs to see if she was downstairs. She wasn't, so now was my chance! I went in there with a semi hard-on, and started going through her drawers. I was searching through all of her skimpy underwear and tried some on. God they felt sexy! Instantly I got hard again. I took them off and started looking through more of them. Then I heard the door open, I froze and for a second, thought it was the cat. When I looked round, it was Sarah!!!! I went white, my heart went into my mouth and I just, well, froze! Sarah was just looking at me with her mouth open and gave the occasional stare at my rock solid cock. I am constantly thinking what to say, she just gave me a smile and said, oh, it's ok. You like my panties then? I gulped and said 'errm, yeah, very nice'. She said to me that I would not find her best ones in the drawer. She turned round so that her back was facing me, and it looked like she was undoing her trousers. Next thing I know, she starts peeling down her tight work trousers and then her peachy arse was exposed. She was wearing a pink g-string!! I got hard again, and she took them all the way off. She then turned back round to face me and said, what you think of these then? I started to tremble and thought, what the hell, let's go for it! I said 'very nice, but I think you would look better with them off, so I could hold them up close. Without hesitation, she pulled her panties down and handed them to me. I mean, here is Sarah who I have wanted to have sex with and fantasise about for years standing naked in front of me handing me her underwear she has just been wearing! I held them up to my nose and inhaled. Her sweet juices filled my nasal passage. 'Mmmm' I said, 'now that's sweet!' She then started to lift up her top and said, I got a matching bra for those too. I started wiping her g-string over my cock. She had this really stringy black lacy bra on. I said 'take it off!' She reached behind her back and unclipped her bra. She let the straps run down her arms, past her hands and it fell to the floor. I have been aching to see her tit's for years! I walked up to her and held her by the waist and moved in to kiss her. Her hands ran through my hair and our lips met. It was explosive, our tongues met and perfect harmony. She kissed me deeper and softer than anyone else who kissed me before. She then went down to her knees and grabbed my pulsating cock into her hand and slowly guided it into her warm mouth. She sucked me deep and hard, her technique was wonderful, I grabbed her head and ran my hands through her blonde hair. I closed my eyes and gasped. Holy shit, this was so wonderful. It was wrong, but felt so right!! I stood her up and she again went onto tip toes to kiss me again. I kissed her so passionately it was like I had fallen in love all over again. I held her by the waist and turned her round to the bed. She knew what was coming next, so she climbed onto the bed. As I was looking at her arse as she went onto the bed, I could see her sweet, swollen pussy it was like heaven. She lay on her back and spread her legs wide open for me. I then got onto the bed also and knelt down so my face was in between her legs. I started stroking the inside of her thighs and I saw goose pimples starting to rise. I looked up and gazed at her wonderful bald, wet pussy. I started to gently lick the outside of her and teased the entrance of her vagina with my index finger. I slid my finger deeper inside her. She felt so warm and she started to moan. I put two fingers inside her, while still tasting her juices. Three fingers now, she was so wet that could have probably put my whole fist inside her! I opened her up with my index finger and thumb and with my other fingers, started to massage her clit. I felt her tremble and her hips buckled. She started oozing liquid from her pussy, so I lapped it up and let her taste herself. I opened her up again and stuck my tongue inside her. Her hands grasped my head and she pushed my head deeper inside her. 'Yessss!' she said more, more! I could not hold any longer, I got up and guided the head of my cock inside her. I didn't even have to push as she pushed down onto me! I grabbed her legs and started pumping her with my long, hot, hard manhood. I could hear her juices splashing as I pumped her. I picked up the pace and her eyes rolled back into her head and she opened her mouth and let out a huge sigh. I put her legs over my shoulders and leaned over her for maximum penetration. She then rolled over on top of me and started riding me. Back and forth, up and down, her tits bouncing up and down. I started to fuck her while she was on top of me, and she loved every second! After a bit I put her on her back to how we were before. I kept pumping her harder and faster, grabbing her tits, twisting her erect nipples, putting my pussy soaked fingers in her mouth. I watched her tits bounce up and down, her cries got louder and I could not take any more. I withdrew from her and shot my hot load all over her belly, tits and face. I fucked her again slowly. Teasing my cock in and out of her. Wiping my cock on the inside of her thighs. I looked at her and she was licking up my cum which I just shot all over her. I leaned over her and sucked on her tits. Her hands reached down and started massaging my length. She went onto her knees and said, more, give me more! I didn't even have to think about it. I guided my cock back inside her with ease. More! She shouted, I want it to hurt! Ok baby I said, hold on. I took it out of her and spat on my hand to wipe it over my cock. I offered my bell-end up to her arse and slowly pushed it inside her. Her noises were unreal! 'YEAH!' FUCK ME IN THE ASS BABY!' I pushed harder and it went straight up inside her. 'Mmmm' we said together. I fuck her real hard as she loosened up. She said don't come over me, I want to feel your spunk inside my ass. I pressed even deeper and I felt a twinge in my balls. Again, I shot my load, but this time in her ass. I left it inside her for a minute and withdrew. We then collapsed into a heap on the bed and cuddled. Her hand was still wrapped round my shaft, wanking me slowly, while we kissed I can safely say it was the best sex I have ever had. We still shag each other till this day, and it just gets better. She said she wants to try it with me and another girl soon. Cool!