Written by eliotallen

7 Apr 2007

Lozza's car pulled up and Woofa climbed in next to her. The two creatures looked at each other for the first time and gave each other a long, telepathic stare. Woofa put his seat belt on and then swivelled himself around to keep his eyes on his Lozza- she looked forward, put the car into gear and they drove off.

At the first set of lights the car stopped. Lozza's eyes remained forward, as though there was no one else in the car. Woofa immediately leant forward and looked down at Lozz'a legs. Lozza was wearing a long sleeveless summer dress that exposed only the soft white naked skin of her lower calves. The lights changed. It was a long fifteen minutes to drive to the empty place, fifteen minutes for Lozza to plan and for Woofa to want.

The car pulled up tight and jolted to a halt. Lozza immediately got into the back of the car and sat very comfortably, arms by her sides, in the middle of the back seat. She waited for Woofa to clumsily jostle himself across the gear change and eventually sit facing her. They sat staring each other in the eyes and each thought about it. They both waited. Woofa's eyes very slowly moved down to Lozza's nose, paused, to Lozza's chin, paused, to Lozza's bare right shoulder, left shoulder and waited at just above her breasts. Lozza's cool, animal patience was always sure to win. She put the back of her right hand under her right breast, lifted it three inches and sat waiting, looking, purring and planning. She raised her right hand suddenly up and watched Woofa's expressionless face stare at the breast as it fell from the back of her hand bounced with springy plumpness. She immediately did it again. And again.

She watched as Woofa's nostrils became very slightly flared-she thought his lip would curl, but no. Lozza's hands went back to her sides and then she waited some more.

Woofa's eyes moved down below Lozza's tits, down over the spread of her belly, and the curves of her full hips and the fatness of her outer right thigh, over to her left thigh and then very slowly they drifted from her left thigh to her right thigh, but stopped half way. Lozza's knees were together. Woofa's eyes stared and stared. Lozza's thighs began to move. She opened her legs, taking her exquisite time to reach maximum spread and then, holding onto the fabric of the dress she closed her legs just as deliciously as she had spread them. Woofa watched the shape of her knees riding under the cotton as she continually spread her legs open and then immediately closed them. Woofa fidgeted, his lip curled slightly and his eyes went straight up to the girl's eyes and he sent her a very clear message. Lozza received the message and allowed the tiniest, dirtiest expression to enter her head and her face. She stopped the movement of her legs and, gripping the material of her dress at the top of each thigh she began gradually clawing and crabbing the texture through her fingers- raising the hem of the dress slowly up. Woofa's chest rose and he breathed out through his nostrils in one long, slow, animal snort. The dress stopped just below the knee while Lozza watched her animal suffer as it tried to conceal it's lust. Lozza's plan had begun and she knew the rest would work to perfection.

The dress began to rise again. She carefully raised her big bottom from the seat to allow the dress maximum movement but then she stopped and waited for him to begin to lose his dignity. His curled lip was gone. His mouth was open and his chest rose and fell, rose and fell. The show re-continued but only for the dress to stop at a calculated position. She waited for Woofa's neck to arch down as he tried to look into the darkness up her skirt. She helped him by opening her kegs-just a little. But of course he still couldn't quite make it out. Lozza's bottom was still raised and now she swayed her hips and pushed her pussy towards him but very suddenly and very quickly she turned over and presented him with the roundness of her bottom and she pulled the dress tight to her cheeks, rolling her naughtyness around and around. She could hear his breathing becoming strained and laboured. She tried to position herself so that she could see the expression on his face and when she did see it, it was all she could hope for. Did he even know she was only half way through? Even Lozza wanted him to know the wetness she had. Using her fingers as before she began raising the dress, this time exposing the backs of her tender thighs. More and more flesh was slowly revealed until the dress was completely around her waist and he could see the fullness of her proud arse gently swinging. She couldn't tell whether or not he now knew she had tiny black knickers on but she knew it wouldn't be long. She could now allow him.

Woofa's guttural gasping noises had a machine like quality. Suddenly he drew in one huge breath, held it and let it slowly fire out from his lungs. But still he was breathless and still she waited. She waited, and then she sensed his first movement.

The back of his hand touched the inside of her right thigh a few inches down from her wet pussy. The hand gently caressed and roved. The fingers delicately pushed, prodded. The fingernails dragged the length of her thigh and on down over her calf. And then there was nothing. The empty air vibrated with the animal telepathy as she waited, and waited. Clearly it was his turn- and she relished in it. At the end of the long wait she felt his fingers carefully thread through the very narrow strip of soft knicker that was between her tubby cheeks. The fingers curled and twined the material, pulling her knickers tighter and tighter. She wanted to feel the knickers digging into her lips and rubbing her clitoris but it wasn't working. She tried to roll to assist but it was a pathetic ploy. How she wanted to reach down and make everything just right! He stopped the twisting and began tugging, pulling her by her arse back and forward, his bent knuckles brushing and rubbing her arsehole with each stroke. Then pleasure had to stop they both knew it. His fingers were released. She was free and empty of contact and once more waiting.

The first smack was a complete but beautiful surprise. The next five, in rapid succession, brought her on.

Woofa stopped, gripped the head rests of the front seats and he made growling noises. Lozza turned over onto her back. The two of them gasped and stared, panted and glared. She could clearly see the protruding shape of his well and truly stiffened cock at the front of his track suit bottoms and she wanted to go to him, but no, now was the time. It was time to drive to the bed and begin the session. Lozza went meow.