Written by mandypie

2 Dec 2005

It was a warm July evening and my husband, Tom, and I decided to drive out to a local lover's lane not far from where we live. We were both feeling hot and horny so I decided to come dressed prepared. I wore a light summer dress, the kind that buttons up the front, with only a white cotton thong and a sheer bra underneath. I am 26, 5'5' with short brunette hair and a slim but curvy figure. I thought to myself that my firm tits were looking pretty good in this outfit as we walked to the car. Tom could tell I was very excited as we drove towards the secluded spot as my nipples were rock hard and showing right through the two layers of thin material. I could see he was also excited judging by the growing bulge in his trousers.

It was twilight when we arrived and parked up and the place was deserted. We quickly moved into the back seat of the car and set about some serious snogging, our tongues eagerly exploring each others mouths. It was a very warm and humid evening so we had to lower the rear windows to let some air into the car. Although there was nobody else around the fresh air made what we were doing feel even more risky. Tom unbuttoned the front of my dress and his hands slipped inside to feel my breasts nestled in my c-cup bra. He quickly and expertly unhooked my bra catch and let my tits free. He sucked nosily on my nipples and I felt them grow harder from his tonguing. I loosened his belt and unzipped him and as I pulled down his Calvin's his now rigid cock sprung loose. After I had given his erect length a few quick strokes he placed his hand on the back of my head and pushed me down towards his lap.

Knowing exactly what he wanted I licked my lips and guided his shiny knob into my wet and willing mouth. He groaned with pleasure as I slurped and sucked at his lovely, thick cock. In between sucks I came up for air and he cupped my titties around his cock and wanked himself with them and playfully tweaked at my nipples. We were both so wrapped up in what we were doing that we hadn't noticed that another car had pulled alongside ours on my side. Tom quietly told me that a guy was peering into my window obviously trying to get a good eyeful of what we were up to. I was about to stop and sit up but I suddenly got really turned on by the idea of being watched. 'Let's put the light on so he can get a better look' I said to my husband.

Tom smiled, reached up and flicked on the interior light. This obviously sent the right signal 'cos the guy opened his car door and got out and bent down at my window. I couldn't see him of course as I was still busy sucking on Tom's cock, but I knew he was there. I reached around and pulled up my dress to reveal my arse and my tiny thong. Tom told me that the guy had begun to wank himself and that made me suck even harder on the cock in my mouth. Tom obviously enjoyed that because he told me to kneel on the seat and get my bottom up high to really give our friend a good view through the open window. I did that and with my arse only inches from the window I kept bobbing my head on my husbands cock while I nosily slurped away. I could hear the bloke wanking away furiously and his breathing was getting faster.

'Can I, um, can I play?' he asked Tom. I looked up at Tom and saw him smile and give a little nod. I felt fingers slide gently over my arse and down to my thong covered pussy and I shivered with excitement. He traced out the outline of my slit and explored my pussy mound through the thin cotton which was by now completely saturated with my wetness. After a few minutes of this I begged him to stop teasing me and finger fuck me properly. He didn't hesitate to pull aside the thin strip of sodden material to expose my soaking pussy to the night air and his eager fingers. I felt him begin to probe and explore my twat. The stranger slid his fingers all over my well juiced up pussy, playing with my slick lips and prodding my hole. I let Tom's cock out of my mouth and gasped as he slid two fingers deep into me and started to massage my clit with his thumb. Then, he swapped hands and Tom whispered to me that the kinky bugger was licking my pussy juice from one hand while he continued to finger me with the other! After a couple of minutes of fantastic fingering I was desperate to be fucked properly. The guy could sense this, and once again he got the nod from my husband. Tom told him to open the door.

He placed his hands on my hips and pulled me towards the open door. I felt an unfamiliar knob pushing at my hole and stretching my pussy lips wide open and then, with one firm push, he was inside me. I gasped again and went back to work on Tom's cock, which by now was bigger than I had ever seen it before. As the stranger began to fuck me hard I bobbed my head faster and faster on Tom's cock. I could sense both of my lovers were very close to climax and I wanted their spunk so much that I quickened my pace and pushed back hard against the pounding I was getting from behind. My tits were bouncing around all over the place and Tom looked to be really enjoying himself as he watched them jiggling around in front of him while I was well and truly fucked from behind by the stranger. His cock was going so deep into my cunt and his balls were slapping off of my clit.

Both guys started to grunt and moan and then in a matter of a few seconds I felt waves of hot, sticky cum flood into me from both ends. My mouth filled with the warm salty taste of Tom's cum and my pussy contracted vigorously as I too came at the same time as the stranger's thick cock unleashed its load inside me. I couldn't hold all of Tom's cum in my mouth and lots of it spilled out down my chin and dripped down onto my flushed chest. As our friend pulled out of my sodden pussy I could feel a mixture of his cum and my cunt juice streaming down my thighs. I was in a right mess! Fortunately our new friend was only too happy to help clean me up. I was now sitting up and for the first time I got a good look at the guy. He was probably around 40 years old but he looked pretty fit.

Anyway, there I am sat there with cum dripping down my chin onto my tits and a soaking wet cunt full of this guy's wad and he starts to lick me clean! He sat down in the back next to me and grabbed the tit nearest to him and began to lick off my hubby's cum, making sure he lingered around the nipple. Tom quickly got the idea and started to go to work on my other tit. Having two guys suck their cum off my tits and tease my nipples was driving me wild with excitement again and after a few minutes of them gorging themselves on my titties I pushed them both down towards my pussy. Tom put his hands under my arse and slid me forward and placed my legs over the front seats so I was spread nice and wide for easier access. Then he watched while the other guy ate his own cum out of my hole.

His tongue was everywhere. He licked and probed every fold of my twat and dutifully flicked my clit every now and then for good luck. Soon I was writhing and pushing my cunt into his face while Tom squeezed my arse and tits and watched as this complete stranger cleaned out his wife's ravaged hole. I orgasmed again and filled the guy's mouth with my sweet juice. He eventually came up with a smile on his face, said 'thank you' went back to his car and drove off! We came back to that place regularly after that but we haven't seen him again since, but we always have amazing sex with the memories of that wonderful evening.