Written by unknown

4 Jan 2006

I dont know if you read the story I added before about the Leeds couple who I did some role play with but this is our next event = they wanted to move outdoors = the woods = on a warm dark night = OK by me = whats the plan = basically they were going to hire a Landrover so that they could go deep into the woods well off the beaten track and we could then tie his wife to a tree and fuck her = fine by me = I just hoped his nerve would hold out as last time he was all of a tremble and we were only in his own house = God knows what he would be like outdoors = Ho well Im only the assistant lets do it = the day came or should I say the night and we traveled from Leeds, north to some woods, well more like a forest really = I travelled in the back all the way there and all the way back ( you would never ever sell me a Landrover) I was fucked before we fucked = anyway we found a spot they liked and we parked = I just hoped he could find his way back out of this place = obstacle number 1 = some thoughtless bastard had planted all the trees in the wrong position for him = luckily he had brought enough rope to climb mout Everest with = I should know it had been my cushion in the Landrover = I took the rope and tied it to two trees (tight) about 6 inches from the ground = then after climbing up two trees I tied another rope (tight) about 10 foot above the other rope = the guy was supposed to be holding the torch for me so that I could see what I was doing but he kept on flashing it from me to the track that we had just come down and the effect was more like one of those dico ball lights = we tied ( we = thats a laugh) his wifes legs wide open to the bottom rope with soft scarves and then I threw a single rope over the top rope and tied that to her hands that were already tied together with soft scarves so she looked for all the world like a naked bell ringer but the effect was fantastic = she was bent from the waist at about a 45 degree angle with her head in between her arms = her arms were outstreched and her wieght was suported by the rope = her size 38 boobs were pointing to the ground and were totaly exposed = as her arms were lifted high up = her hips and bottom were nicely stuck out at the rear and her legs were wide open = this was harder than working but the sight of that lady all strung-up made it more than worth while = her husband then fitted a scarf around her mouth to gag her and another one to blindfold her = It now looked like a cross in between a lynching and a public flogging = any minute now I expected being surrounded by armed police with their helicopter flying above and a voice shouting = stay where you are = dont move = you are under arrest = we both stripped naked and he said that he would fuck her from behind first while he wanted me to kiss/lick and love bite her tits while reaching forward and rubbing her clit at the same time = I could here her groaning through the gag while all the time he was fucking her like a man possessed = a good job the gag was in I thought because it was a warm still night and you could have heard a pin drop = this would have made a fantastic film = He was ramming his stiff prick into her and reaching forward to play with her nipples = the effect on this woman was fantastic = she wasnt just coming she was writhing and thrashing about on the end of that rope = he then started gasping for breath saying Im coming = coming = spunking = he sank to the ground on his knees and I and I moved to help him up = no leave me he said = im resting = your turn = fuck the bitch = fuck her hard = she deserves it hard = spunk on top of my spunk = fill the bitch with spunk = I slipped my prick into her = she was fucking wet through = soaking wet with her spunk and his = I held her hips and then slid my hands right up the full length of her body up to her shoulders then down and round to her fantasicly exposed tits and nipples and then back dow again to her hips = her skin was like milk with the moonlight shining on her = man this was primative/wild = I was really fucking her now when her husband came over with a 2 foot length of conifer branch = whats that for I whispered = at home he said she likes her back strapping with a leather belt but tonight were going to use this = so as I was holding her hips and fucking her madly he was thrashing her bare back with the branch = I was getting worried = my bottle was going = I she alright I kept asking = but he didnt even bother to answer me = then he started wiping the branch all over her tits and body = I need to come I gasped = wait he said as he brought the branch from her tits and really started to thrash her on her bare back again = spunk now = give her your spunk = spunk on top of my spunk = fill her with nice fresh spunk = I did just the same as he did = I sank to my knees = like a flash he was drinking out of her pussy and then he was straight back into her with his stiff cock again = I dont want to rush you I said but Im getting dressed = I watched them coming again and him drinknig out of her pussy again = all the time I was clearing things away into the Landrover ready for a quick get away = to be honest I was shitting myself = it was me not him whos bottle had gone = boy was I glad when we were heading back to Leeds = that Landrover felt like a stretch limmousine = we all talked and chatted how great it was and they thanked me and said sorry but there next adventure wouldnt include me as he was going to get her some black cock next time = but what a night that was.