Written by iwantamaturelady

11 Nov 2005

when i was 21 i rented a room for 6 months in swansea. the landlady was 60 and looked a bit worn but was quite a good looker for her age. after a few days there i had been out on the sat night, so was asleep on sun morning and was apparently lying on my bed with a hard on. the landlady had opened my door as she says she didnt think i was in, but on seeing me with my throbbing cock, couldnt resist looking. i half woke, aware she was there, but pretended i was asleep. i heard little groans and half opened my eyes to see the landlady rubbing between her legs. she then touched me gently and started to wank me slowly. with this i had to wake up and told her to get her kit off. she had a great body with good tits at least 38d and a hairy pussy. i got out of bed and told her to face the bed while i felt her tits from behind.her nipples went really long and hard and she told me she hadnt had it since her husband died 6 years earlier. i put her on the bed and laid her face down arse up and parted her juicy pussy lips, then entered her.she gave a huge moan and i was soon riding her deep and hard. within a minute she came, i then told her to sit on top and she rode me with her big breasts swaying in my face. i came inside her and she came again. i rode her most days until i left. that was 8 years ago, but i still cal and see her every few months, and ride her each time. i am now 29 and she is 68, but still one hell of a ride.