Written by hotkitty6

5 Dec 2005

i go to veiw a house i knock a woman answers and asked me in he asks me where i would like start i say its upto you so she says we can start upstairs and work are way down.i follow her upstairs she opens a door showing me in. its dark the curtains are closed and the lights off and her husbands in there.she closes the door and comes over to me and starts stroking my hair then her husband comes over and pulls me towards the bed and tells me to lie down and close my eyes and be a good girl.i try to struggle and he holds me down and tells me theres no point struggling and to relax and enjoy.so i lie there keeping my eyes close while he holds me down then the woman climbs a stride of me and starts kissing and touching mei try again to struggle but they have me pinged down she touches me softly and gently while the man watches then he gets horny and starts touching his wife while shes touching me then he takes her from behind while shes laying on top of me and kissing me passionatly and fingering me.the more she gets turned on the more passinate she is to me.then he stops fucking her and starts fucking me while she watchesand keeps telling him to fuck me while she french kisses me.if there is any couple 40+ who could forfill my fantasy and can accomadate in the day only please contact me asap