Written by jmaster911

22 Jul 2005

Since finding out our fantasies were similar, we had both been trying to pluck up the courage to attend LC on a Friday night. My fantasy was to watch as my girlfriend was pleasured by as many cocks as she could take and at the same time my girlfriend had a similar fantasy in that she wanted to dominate a load of guys or be treated as a slut and allow many guys to have their way with her as she could take.

The thought of our fantasy becoming reality excited us both and we kept talking about it for weeks on end but never gained the courage. Until that was on one Friday night after work I could take no more, I arrived home and announced that we should go to LC that very night. Andrea at first a bit surprised soon came round to the idea and we hurriedly got ourselves ready. As we got into the car to drive from Leeds to Sheffield the usual butterflies were beginning to hit us both but this time it was butterflies mixed with excitement.

The drive seemed to be over very quickly and we soon arrived at LC, we parked in the car park and nervously walked over to the door where we were greeted by the staff. After checking into the club we made our way to the bar and bought a drink. As we turned round to take our first real look at who was in the club we realised that the majority of the people in the club were male and the majority of that majority were looking at us or more precisely at Andrea. I immediately thought this would intimidate her but as I turned my head to check I saw her already making eye contact with a guy sat not to far away from where we were standing – it was then obvious to me that she was enjoying the attention.

The guy she was checking out was about 6ft 3, well built and black, he came over and introduced himself to us as Garry. After some small talk, Andrea out of the blue said to him, 'I can't wait to get to know you better, we will come and find you later tonight', a smile came over Garry's face and he replied saying how much he was looking forward to getting to know us better.

Andrea then turned to me, leaned over and whispered in my ear 'I am so horny: my pussy is wet at the thought of being fucked by these guys'. I smiled and suggested we got changed and went to the pool for a few min, she agreed and we proceeded to the changing area.

Once undressed we put our towels on and made our way to the pool area, as we approached we both noticed two guys already in the pool, chatting. As we got into the water they nodded to us in acknowledgment of our arrival and proceeded to go back to their conversation. We sat down at the other end of the pool and started looking into each others eyes, I start to get images of Andrea sucking Garry's cock and as I did my own cock started to get hard, Andrea noticed this and put her hand onto my cock and gently stroked it. As I got harder, I noticed Andrea looking straight into the eye of one of the guys on the other side of the pool. To my absolute surprise she beckoned him over. He got up to walked over to us and as he walked closer I noticed his cock was already getting ready for what it expected. Andrea moved and sat in my lap and told me to play with her tits. As I started she took the guys cock in her hand and started gently stroking it. As the guy wasn't cut she gently pulled back his foreskin and licked the top of his now throbbing cock. He gasped as he felt my girlfriend's hand tightly hold his cock and as she put it into her mouth. She slowly starting sucking and as she did the other guy who was still in the pool started to walk towards us, as he reached us he started to masturbate next to Andrea's face. Without warning the guy whose cock was being sucked by Andrea began to gasp and then shot his load right into the back of Andrea's throat. 'That was quick', Andrea said in amazement as she wiped the excess cum she had not managed to swallow from the side of her mouth. The first guy who looked a bit embarrassed apologised and quickly exited the pool.

Andrea sat back into my arms and then proceeded to say to me 'Honey, I need to be sucked and fucked, take me upstairs', she then turned to the poor guy who had been wanking during this whole process and said 'you coming to join us', he didn't turn us down and quickly followed us out of the pool and introduced himself as Pete. As Andrea made her way back into the club she quickly looked around for Garry and as she caught his eye she beckoned him over and also invited him upstairs.

As we all went upstairs we found the private room was available, as quick as we could we all walked in and locked the door behind us. We stood there in silent wondering what to do next when Andrea said to Garry and Pete, 'Right I'm gonna give my Boyfriend a blowjob, I want you two to shower, dry off and then join us'. They almost fell over themselves trying getting into the shower, and as they did Andrea pushed me onto the bed, knelt over me and proceeded to go get to work on my cock. She held it in her mouth for a while feeling it get harder and begin to throb and then when I was fully hard she began to lick my shaft up and down while at the same time not breaking eye contact. It wasn't long before Garry joined us and from behind touched Andrea's hips as she was still bent over, she stopped licking my cock, turned to him and said in a demanding voice 'lie down next to Steve and then wait till I'm ready for you', she also turned to Pete who was still in the shower and demanded that when he finished he should lie next to Garry. Andrea then returned her attention to my cock and continued licking it up and down my now very hard shaft. When Pete joined us, she shifted position and moved to Garry's cock, it was the first time Andrea had seen his cock hard and she wasn't disappointed as it was at least 8' in length and very thick. As she took it in her hand she stopped a moment as if to take in the size of the task she was about to get into, she then started to masturbate and lick the head of his now throbbing black dick. Andreas ass by this point was pointing in my direction, I moved round to start feeling her pussy, as I touched it I felt it was wetter than I had ever known before, she was clearly enjoying it and was ready to be fucked. I slid one finger in and as I did I knew she needed more so I slid in another. From where I was I could see that Pete had also knelt on the bed and as Andrea sucked Garry's cock she was furiously masturbating Pete's.

After a while I knew Andrea had to cum before we did so I pulled her back and told her to get on her back, When she had, she took two cocks in each hand and started to play with them. I then went down to her wet moist pussy and started teasing her clit. She let out a small moan as I hit her most sensitive spot. As I felt heard her moan for more I moved my tongue round her throbbing clit, slowly I could see the orgasm building in her body and as I continued the moans became loader and more intense until suddenly she screamed in ecstasy and withered around on the bed, her orgasm satisfyingly achieved.

We all gave her a min to compose herself and then without warning Andrea opened her eyes and said 'I want you three to fuck me and cum over my tits and ass'. She rolled over and took up the doggy position begging for a hard cock to take her from behind. As I was already behind her, I moved into position and penetrated her eager pussy. As I did Pete moved to her front and waved his cock eagerly in front of her mouth. She grabbed hold of his cock and started wanking him off while occasionally taking his full length into her mouth.

After a while I looked over to Garry and saw that he was very much enjoying the show. I knew how much Andrea wanted to get fucked by a black man, so I caught Garry's eye and beckoned him over. He moved into position and with his 8 inches rammed his cock into Andrea's gaping pussy. Andrea gasped as he entered her, she looked round in shock as if to wonder what had just entered her, she then looked at me and mouthed the word 'WoW' as Garry continued to fuck her hard and fast.

After a few min of Andrea being spit roasted by Garry and Pete, Garry began to moan as his orgasm built, Andrea turned round and said 'cum over my ass bad boy' in a commanding voice. Just as she finished saying this, he let out an almighty scream pulled his cock out of my girlfriend's pussy and spurted his cream all over Andrea's ass. Andrea whose ass was now covered in cum, put her hand on her ass and started masarging Garry's cum into her skin, she then looked at Pete and said 'Your Turn, Fuck me Hard and cum Over my Tits'. Pete dually obeyed and moved round to Andreas cum covered ass.

As he began fucking her I moved round to let Andrea suck my cock. Andrea looked into my eyes as she sucked me off and I could see that she was loving every min of this experience. Pete didn't take long to climax and started to moan as he fucked Andrea's pussy. As he started to moan Andrea said 'come on big boy fuck me, fuck me hard and cum over my tits'. She repeated this a few times and this seemed to spur Pete on. Suddenly he pulled his cock out of Andrea's pussy, flipped her on her back and creamed Andrea's ample breasts. After rubbing his cum all over her tits, Andrea rubbed it into her skin, looked at me and said 'right Steve, cum in my pussy babe'. I have to admit after seeing Andrea get licked, fucked and covered in these two guys cum made me ready to spurt my load, I left Andrea on her back, slid in between her legs and started fucking her. I closed my eyes and relived the images I had just experienced and as I did I immediately felt my orgasm building, Andrea was moaning loader and loader which made we fuck her harder and faster, then without warning I shot my load up her pussy, the orgasm seemed to last forever but finally I fell on top on her, gave her a kiss and whispered into her ear, 'that was awesome', She smiled and agreed. We all cleaned ourselves up, thanked each other for the company and left the room.

It was certainly an experience we all enjoyed and one we shall do again soon.