Written by two_muppets

19 Jul 2005

...it was hard to say who was the more breathess. My heart was racing, this was going to be the realisation of a life long fantasy. Countless scenes had flitted through my mind for years, the result of an over-active imagination and a hyper-active sex drive. my hands were visibly shaking with the excitement and prospect,and yet...


Ju at first glance appeared outwardly calm, but her increased rate of drinking, her rapid breaths, and her dilated pupils, opening up as inviting as her opend arms gave away her emotions and excitement.

We sat facing each other on the settee, each with one leg bent under us, one leg on the floor. There was a gentle musk arising from her legs that would have tempted and entrapped the most devout proponent of celibacy, even now I had to try and ignore it, saving myself for the evening ahead. My own excitement was betrayed by the most rigid erection I had ever possessed, Ju gently leaning down and laying a gentle kiss on my bulging trousers, while not subduing the pressure, was in itself both erotic and loving, as was the soft way she whispered to my penis, as if I was not allowed to hear, "Soon sweatheart, soon".

I closed my eyes, desperately trying to control myself, equally desperate to be touched, kissed, caressed, wanting her soft hands stroking my shaft, her appreciative faces millimeteres away from the glistening end, lips sticky from tasting my pre-cum. I thought instead about how lucky I was, and how unbelievable it was that at an age when my erotic life should have been subsiding, here it was ready to be explored in a way I previously had only dreamed of. I lay back in the settee, again counting my blessings. With Ju I had a lover that combined the most intimate soul-affirming and loving sensations, and a sense of adventure revealing a filthy, disgusting perverted mind. God i'm lucky!

We sat holding hands, we both knew we were ready for this, and also that our relationship was ready. We had found each other, and found ourselves ready to reveal to each other secrets we had sheltered all of our lives. Having been so open and vulnerable to each other in countless little ways, we had prepared the way for this, the loss of Ju's virginity!

Ok slight exaggeration: The first time Ju was to make love to another woman. We had arranged to meet another couple after talking some time on an internet site for swingers. They were failry new to the scene, around long enough that weren't as scared as us, but new enough to understand our nerves. They were also both fun, chatty and sociable, important factors for us, having had a few occasions of being faced with people desperate for sex, but seemingly more desperate to dissassociate it from any form of emotional or social bonding. The bottom line for us, was having such a fantastic sex life already, we would only do swinging in any form if it enhanced it, not lessened or cheapened it.

Lost in our individual thoughts, we both jumped and startled when the doorbel rang, oh god, it was them, this was no longer fantasy, soon I would be watching enthralled as Ju and her lover............ well let's not jump to that just yet!

You ever had a night where everything seemed perfect? Well this would take that night and make it run in shame. The candles were perfect, casting a soft gentle glow to all of us, allowing for those first tentative touches to be made, without the glare of brightness illuminating our tremblng hands. The wine flowed at just the right pace, no-one forcing it down to overcome nerves, but enough to lubricate our desires bubbling under the surface. The conversation was wonderful, witty, relaxing, an undercurrant of sexuality without a cheap 'carry-on' type of tawdriness that it would have been so easy to slide into.

As the amount of wine we had left reduced, so did the spaces between us, more noticeably between the two ladies, hands lingered on thighs, stroked hair, touched cheeks, fingers wandered delicately over each other, entwining and squeezing to emphasise a point of view, or give thanks for a compliment.

We had planned to allow our new friends to video us making love as our introduction, but the rising heat and hormones in the room made us all realise that certain things would have to take place first.....

Ju told us all, that nervous tho' she was, she had spent weeks anticipating this kiss, to feel the softness of a womans lips on her own, and could it please please please happen now, as the pain in her nipples was becoming unbearable in anticipation, and if she had to clamp her legs together any longer they would never be able to be seperated! Obviously the thought had me in a panic, and luckily it seemed I was not the only one who couldn't accept this line of thought!

Our new lady friend slowly place her glass on the table, turned to face Ju, leaned forward, and placed two delicate lips upon her. One hand reached across the back of her hair, fingers firmly running through, pulling Ju's willing face onto her own. The other hand, seemingly innocently placed on Ju's shoulder, without ever seeming to move was then caressing Ju's breast. Sometimes pinching, sometimes cupping, sometimes pressing firmly.

Ju and I had been blessed with an almost ESP like ability to read each others thoughts, and I could feel her thoughts come over me in a wave, almost as purely as if they were my own. Ju was turned on completely, not just because of physical sensation, but because she knew I was watching and sharing this with her. Exactly as this thought occured to me, she turned her head to me, her eyes all at once aroused, excited, scared, and asking my consent. I tilted my head, smiled, and with the slightest nod she could see my complicitness.

Now the beast was unleashed, if anything had been holding her back, it certainly stood no chance now. Her hands became two seekers of treasure and pleasure, in less than a minute it seemed these two ladies had felt every inch of each other, desperate to harness each sensation as if it was under threat of extinction. Bodies adjusted to allow greater freedom of exploration, legs widening, hips thrusting, heaving and panting breasts forced into each other, fingers emerged from hastilly thrust aside clothing glistening in the candle light, and somehow seeing hands in a skirt, and knowing that those fingers were deep inside each other, pinching and stroking, was more compelling than purely seeing it take place. Heady scents of perfume and body juice were making my head swim, I could barely notice when one image became another, Ju sitting astride, arms around her lovers' neck, firmly pressing her nipples into her mouth, while the outline of fingers could be seen inside Ju's soaking knickers. Squirming, squirming, squirming, hips gyrating, the curve of her spine flowing and ebbing, desperate, grabbing, kneading flesh. Ju throwing her head back, eyes closed, waves of ecstacy shimmering through her expressions as her lover embraced, grasped, and pressed their bodies together. Ju's lover showed her experience with a manouver sublime in its' effortless placement of Ju's body, Ju now lying on the settee, one leg daped across the top, her other pulled back, extreme in its' angle as it was in its' invitation. Able to contain myself no more, I leaned across to Ju, our tongues gliding and diving deep, her hands pulling the back of my head to gain every ounce of depth and contact. Ju shuddered, her eyes tore open, staring into mine, "Oh god Michael I am coming............ i'm coming............ " I help up ju's head,directing her gaze to her lover kneeling between her legs, fingers pulling her lips apart, tongue lapping up juice. Juice, juice that i had tasted so many times, now gushing into anothers' open and willing mouth, tongue enticing every drop, savouring her aroma, two fingers now inside, curled upwards, and pulling back as if to draw an orgasm desperate to wait. with the feelings, the visions, the smells, and the impossible excitement of it all, Ju gave one final thrust upwards with her groin, one hand pulling her lovers' hair as if it was possible to go any deeper, and cut off her scream by kissing me deep, hard, biting my lip, sucking my tongue into her wanting mouth, her other hand grasped the shaft of my penis with an indescribable tightness, and pulled its' skin back firmly and rapidly, "Come in mouth michael, come in my mouth", I could take no more, shuddering I released a lifetimes' wish for this fantasy over Ju's face, on her lips, and into her open mouth, taking my penis again she threw her mouth around it, sucking hard, squeezing its' base, wanting every drop of my semen, while her other hand continued to rub her clit, bringing her hand up to my mouth letting me taste her cunt juices as my semen was running down her neck.

As we slowly came to our senses following our mutual explosion, we turned to see her lover being thrust from behind by her eager partner, both of them thrusting uncontrollably, his hand pulling her hair back, exposing her neck, forcing her breasts out proudly.

"Ju, I think you owe someone an orgasm darlin'" i whispered....

To be continued....