Written by steely_dan

18 Aug 2005

This is a totalyy true story. Truth is often better than fiction. My partner and I went to a local swinger's party last Saturday, met some sexy people and got invited by a couple in their late 30's to a health club near Brighton the next day. Jim is fit and tanned, and his wife Jill has a nice body and a great tattoo above her shapely ass. She said she wanted 'lots of cock'.

We all played in the large jacuzzi, with me fingering her pussy and then her anus under the foam, and was rewarded with a huge smile! My partner went to one cabin for a shag with a guy we had been talking to, and I went with Jill and hubby to a private room with a third black guy, who proceeded to demonstrate that he had about 9" to give her. Then we fucked and sucked her off in turn and together, ending up with her squatting on each guy's dick in turn whilst the other two rimmed her senseless. Her back passage was tight, and she squeezed my tongue with her sphincter as I plunged it in and out. She had at least 3 orgasms bent over like this, and when my turn came to fuck her she squirted her cunt juice and some piss all over my dick, which felt fantastic!

Finally she asked her hubby to ride her ass "cowboy-style", so she squatted on my cock whilst he gently penetrated her rosebud from behind, easing his cock - oh so slowly - up her anus, then buried it up to his balls whilst my dick was in her pussy, and proceeded to fuck her hard until she screamed, then shot his load. We could feel our cock-heads bouncing against each other inside her guts. Great to see his spunk running out of her anus when he pulled out! We finished off by shooting our own spunky loads all over her ass, at her command. She loved it. Brilliant fun!