Written by klb75

12 Jul 2008

Well then lets see wot u think x

You were coming to see me an i thought about what to wear! I finally decided i would wear black lace underwear, black suspender belt attached lovingly and gently to smooth and silky stockings, black mini combat skirt, black shirt not fastened just tied in a knot at the front so the cleavage was in full view, and finally long black leather high heeled boots!! Everything was ready x

You knocked on the door an i waited a minute or so just to tease a little incase you were nervous!

I opened the door .... you looked at me an thought WOW!!

I pulled you inside...... and kissed you passionately as i shut and locked the door.

You started to say something and i told you to ....be quiet!! I opened your trousers with one hand and dropped to the floor an swallowed you but just for a few minutes. Then led you into the bedroom and sat you on the edge of the bed. I continued to kiss you on your forehead, face, lips and neck and started to undo your shirt. I then removed your shirt and moved you up on to the middle of the bed. Then i reached over an got my handcuffs and proceeded to cuff each of your wrists to the bedposts securely followed by a blindfold an placed it for the time being just above your eyes on your forehead and i looked into your eyes and kissed you on the lips gently and smiled!!

As i stepped off the bed your eyes followed me around the room as i switched the stereo on an started to do a sexy striptease for you removing all my clothes except my thong............... i then climbed onto the bed an upon you an started kissing you again at the same time rubbing your now quite hard cock in your trousers.......... an then placed the blindfold over your eyes! I started to kiss your cheeks an lips then gently nibbled on your ears and kissed down your neck on to your chest. I kissed an nibbled an bit your nipples an because your sight an touch senses are disabled it heightens your other senses you were quietly groaning, i continued to kiss and lick down your chest and with one hand opening your trousers and releasing your very hard cock which was throbbing in passion. I pulled off your trousers an boxers then slid back up to you ............!

I lay my hot body along side yours almost in a 69 position. Then i proceeded to eat you again sucking, licking , nibbling and biting all the while using my tongue to create extra sensation by rubbing it up and down your erect cock! I could feel myself filling up with juice because as i sucked on you i was playing with myself and was now soaking wet and ready for you! But.........................................

I continued to deep throat you and play with your balls....then i slid my hand round to your nice firm ass an massaged for a minute i could hear your breathing starting to get more rapid. Then i licked my finger to wet it an as i slowly entered it into your ass while still sucking your well hard dick an started to move it in an out slowly twisting and turning it as it went in and out you were moaning and groaning more which turned me on more knowing that i was pleasuring you. a few minutes later i could feel you tensing your muscles inside your ass so i knew you were close to coming so i sucked faster and harder and ever so tighter, fingering ur ass harder an faster also, by now you were starting to squirm about the bed an begin to arch your back an you were almost screaming and you kept saying my name, and then you came with a force that made your whole body shiver. I continued to work on your ass an dick so your orgasm seemed to go on forever an you were more or less screaming now!! I started to ease off a bit an just wanked you off slowly an gently as you lay there in ecstasy until you were solid again then i climbed on top of you slid my thong to the side and slid my dripping pussy down on to your hard cock an put it slowly .........gently .........deep......inside me x

I was on you in cowgirl position and at first just slowly and gently and then i leaned forward on to your legs and held them as i fucked you hard an fast as deep as i could get you! You were moaning and groaning very loudly now as was i because i could feel my orgasm coming thick and fast and by fuck it did! I came with such force that for a few seconds which felt like minutes i stopped breathing as the feeling empowered me! I slowed right down till i was only grinding and rotating you deeply and then i climbed off of you. I kissed you and then i finally let you see me again, and then untied your hands and set you free! I turned over on to all fours and you stepped up behind me and you slid slowly into my ass as i let out a aaahhhhhhhh! Still all sensitive and tingly from the orgasm i was almost unable to bear it it felt so good as you fucked me deep hard and fast in the ass while playing with my clitoris, as you proceeded to get faster and harder i knew you were almost there again, gripped my muscles tightly and could hear you moan and it didnt take long for us to both explode into orgasm again and then we just lay and cuddled an fell asleep...........FUCKED!!!!! x x x