Written by elaineuk

10 Jun 2007

I have a few fantasy stories that actually did happen to me for real, I was not a swinger until now new to this, but unknown to me kind of had a few life experiences that could be called swinging I guess, you see for me I like to go out and shop, dance, movies etc, and along the way men like to attempt to pick me up, and I do say no most of the time, but I have said yes also a few times, now no not all sex , but was each a wonderful experience in itself, and as the weeks role on I shall unfold my stories on here, and tell all so you can if you are interested learn about me, and my life, fantasy and more in fact you can learn a lot of what I like and maybe other girls also, as for me the fantasy and the wonderful moments are what does it for me.

As so many guys say hey want sex, and want to f—k me, maybe I do but not like that ok…So here is what happened this time, this very good looking guy about 29 saw me on a motorway one day a white van guy , yes,lol..well he tried to pick me up while driving, I just ignored him, then one night while I was out I saw him (was amazed) , and we chatted, well we ended up in my car, and we drove and chatted , kisses a little, chatted and then an hour or so later dropped him off and left, well I did also give him my phone number as his kisses was like magic, I got scared so I gave my number and drove off left him by his van, sad bye big smiles, dreams…anyway I drove almost home, a long way when he called me real late, he had left his wallet in my car and all of his money , id etc, He took so long to call as he found my number, so as I am a good girl I drove back to him, and gave him back his wallet. He was so amazed that I came back and I was happy he was ok as he was scared that I would not come back, and he was stranded, as also guess what I had his keys also it turned out and some odd change too .lol, everything fell out of his pocket on my seats, so he was stuck, standing by his locked van, roaming, thinking till he found my number. Cold also it was winter. .lucky he did have his phone to call me. He was so very cold, so we kisses, locked eyes, and made another date, as I had to go home, and so did he...plus he was freezing. We laughed.

Well he called me a day later, and then we met again to dance together. it was great he was perfect for me, and so nice and good looking and just my match

But we was both married, and he had a new child, so I just could not be with him, he wanted to but I just could never do that to another woman, if I had of known first he had a wife, and child I would have said no. well we danced and then we after drove off in my convertible at that time, left his van again at a location safe, and we drove to a lovely view of the city, we could see it all, it was beautiful, he chatted to me for 3 hours, then all that time no kisses, we talked about everything, and then just as a star flew over he looked at me and me him, and we slowly kissed, for about 15 minutes, he looked up and said wow, I was a wow felt girl also, it was magic a perfect date, he then kissed me some more, touched me, and kissed more, then he opened the door and said lets see the city lights, hand in hand he showed me and romanced me and we danced for a while then kissed me again, he then undressed me, kissed me more, and the let me back to my car there he made love, not sex, to me over my car, it was so perfect I could see after I opened my eyes every star in the world, it was perfect, he was a perfect lover, perfect date…it just had that wow factor, and then after the stars had gone and the morning started to show we decided to go home, we was there for hours, it was perfect, even the drive away with the top still down and the morning