Written by Jake

4 Jul 2020

Cath introduced me to the two women Sam the hotel nurse and June a cleaner.

We all walked to the bar, soft drinks and low alcohol only Cath told me there was no booze on the guest side except one glass with dinner. Many guests bring their own and keep it in their rooms.

We walked into the garden. Sam asked me what I thought of a statue. I'm not into modern art, I told her. She giggled and told me it was a shagging pillar. She stepped towards it and draped herself over the pillar, then moved and draped herself in a new position. 'How do you want me' she asked. 

My cock rose and there was no hiding it. 

Cath looked down and told me 'you better have her' she smiled. 

Cath was right, I was going to enjoy working here. I found the shaped pillar padded and soft. Sam sat, her legs wide. I knelt in front of her. Her pussy had a heavy scent as I moved forward to eat her. I am always thrilled to taste pussy. I rolled my tongue over her clit and pushed into her gate. She panted as she came. I stood up slipped my cock into her and placed a hand each side of her. Her lips were just close enough to kiss her. I started to pound her, leaning in to kiss her sometimes looking at her tits bouncing with each pounding movement. Sam was top heavy slim but big tits. I thought I was never going to cum but finally let go my third load in a hour.

It was late afternoon the sun was hot and I was slick with sweat. Sam leaned forward kissed me, her body was slick and we kissed. My cock was still in her. She asked if she could spend the night with me. I told her yes. We kissed some more. 

When  I turned around there was a man banging away at June. She was being taken doggy. Cath was laid back in the sun watching. Sam and I, an arm around each other, relaxed learning against the pillar and watching.  The man let out a grunt, pulled out and sat on the sofa looking at me. 

Cath introduced us 'Jake this is Sami, you better not mix him up with Sam' Sami was the boat captain and lifeguard. 

Sami asked 'swap?' He kissed Sam, who embraced him. Cath and June smiled.  June held her hand out and I was surprised my cock was hard again.  I took her hand. Cath and June took turns sucking my cock. 

Enough of that I told them and we moved onto the sofa. My turn at June, or was it June's turn at me. She lay back on the sofa and I followed her down, needing to get my cock in her. 'Wait, my tail' I was puzzled. I must have looked puzzled. She tugged at the only thing I was wearing. 'That' she said. She pulled her tail straight under her and I took sloppy seconds. Cock deep in her, my balls slapping against her leaky crack. My sweaty body slipped on her, my cock hammered in and out of her. She screamed more more as she came the first time. I hoped I could cum just once more and kept up my fast hard hammer blows into her. At last we came together and I collapsed on to her.

'I thought you were going to die. Get off me.' June said. I made a massive effort to get off her and lay there. 

Sam came to my side and told me,'What a man.' Sam pecked me on the cheek, I just lay there.

'If I we a man I would have you on your back again. ' I responded 

'No staying power.' She taunted. 

I never counted how long we were there. 

Cath told  us it was time for dinner and we all went for a shower. There was no fun in the shower this time.

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