Written by unknown

17 Sep 2005

I tend to fantasise about sex with another woman or several women, and also three- and foursomes. I get turned on by wearing silk nightwear. Dancing close with a boyfriend is very erotic and I can also get turned on by the atmosphere at the right time or even a good drink. A hot summer's day or the right music gets me in the mood.

My favourite fantasy takes place when I am on the way to the supermarket. Just before I go in, two women stop me and ask if I would help them do something. They go into a small room and I follow. They shut the door and before I realise it one of them is before me and one is behind me.

The one behind me is stroking my hair and running her fingers down my back. I can feel her breathing against my neck. She kisses my neck and I try to move away but the girl in front is standing right against me. She says that I have a nice figure and that my nipples look very responsive. She rubs her flat palm across the front of my blouse and I can feel my nipples hurting because they are so hard.

Her friend is now kissing my neck, running her tongue from my shoulder up to my ear. The girl in front is gradually undoing my blouse button by button. I seem frozen to the spot. I can't move. She pulls the blouse from my skirt, leaving my stomach naked and only my bra covering me. She pushes her mouth onto mine and starts to kiss me on the lips. I can feel her tongue pushing against my lips and her teeth nipping at the edge of my mouth. Her friend behind me is still kissing around my ears pushing her tongue deep into my ear, making sexy noises.

My heart is beating so fast now and I can feel my sex lips peeling open with my wetness.

The girl in front unclips my bra. Her hands come around me and she holds my naked breasts from underneath. I can feel her hot breasts pushing against mine. Her friend takes the opportunity to push her tongue into my fanny. The feeling is so sensual that I'm fighting for breath. She stops and they pull me onto a small table that was in the corner. I am on my back and my breasts and mouth are being kissed with a vengeance. My legs and arms are being held firmly each side of the table.

I notice that both girls are naked as they rub their bodies against me. The one holding my top half is kissing my breasts and stomach. As she is leaning over me her sex is right near my mouth. She keeps lifting herself so that the top of her vagina touches my mouth. By now I move about to try to push things along a bit. I start to push my tongue into the girl's wet vagina. She sighs and I realise she must have been feeling the same as myself. As I lick her she becomes wetter and wetter and my mind becomes totally absorbed in what I'm doing. I am finding it a beautiful experience.

The girl at my fanny tells her friend how wet I am, but this girl just murmurs and carries on sucking and pinching my breasts. I can feel my nipples being pulled. They ache with sexual wanting and feel an inch long. My vagina is now so open and wet that my clitoris feels as prominent as my nipples. The girls suck and lick, even my bottom is given the same treatment. I have never experienced this before. I can feel my excitement growing, the more I lick and the more I am licked. It's a vicious circle.

I feel fingers inside me. There is no resistance, they go in easily. The girl at my head lets go of my hands so I can pull her onto my face and touch her. She just lets me do what I want to. I suppose she is nearly there too. My stomach is beginning to knot up with tension and my orgasm is coming to a head. My fingers are now going faster and faster. The girl I am touching says to her friend that she thinks I'm coming. She in turn touches me harder and deeper. I think she is feeling for my g-spot but mine is not easy to find. Then I notice something else. While she's been pushing her fingers deep inside me, her little finger has been entering my bottom. I am so wet down there that my bottom is soaked as well. The feeling is not revolting as I had thought it might be.

With her fingers in my vagina and deep inside my bottom my excitement is building up so quickly that when I come I cannot believe it has happened so fast. The liquid is pouring from me, even though the girl is pushing her face right against me, drinking as fast as she can. The girl above me shudders and tenses her vagina. My fingers are gripped by her muscles so hard I can't get them out. Her friend leaves me and goes around to her. She kisses her very hard on the mouth, takes hold of her nipples and squeezes as hard as she can. I feel her muscles relax and I can remove my fingers. Her orgasm is so intense that she screams out loud. Her juices pour onto my hand and I put it to my mouth. The taste is surprisingly inoffensive, unlike what I had imagined. They help me dress and smarten myself up.