Written by moisturiser

12 Sep 2005

In the darkness I wait.

I can feel the warmth of your body so I know you are very close but you do not touch.

I float on the mattress like a ship on a calm sea the odd shallow wave ripples through the bed as you balance yourself, poised.

I can feel your warm breath on my right nipple, you are very close now.

The warmth turns icy cold as you blow cool air I feel it contract, hardening, you pause for air.

The cool jet of air resumes, I feel your weight shift, the breeze moves across my chest to my left nipple which copies it's twin, erecting in the cold breeze.

Your hair drops onto my chest and feels like silk gently massaging my pectorals as the cold breeze plays lazily across my bosom..

I want to grasp and guide your head, rub your scalp but the restraints prevent me from moving my arms.

Your wet tongue darts out and electrocutes my nipple, weight shifts again and the right nipple gets the same.

The silk massage continues in lazy circles.

The cool blast turns icy as your saliva evaporates off, I cannot see them but I know from their tightness and sensitivity that my nipples are frozen like pyramids sharp enough to cut glass.

The breeze moves to the centre of my chest and up my neck, round my jaw line to my right ear.

My ear is cold in the wind you generate but suddenly hot and warm as your tongue traces round the lobe and penetrates its centre.

Elrecticity jolt through my ear, into my brain and down to my already erect penis, I feel it spasm as it gets harder and bigger.

Your tongue traces a wet trail across my temple , my eyes down my nose. I try to kiss you but you pull just out of reach.

Your sweet breath is in my face, I strain against my bonds but cannot reach you.

I collapse back into the pillow and your wet mouth engulfs mine, your tongue parts my lips and proceeds to rape my mouth. But it's not rape, I am very willing.

Our lips mingle, they feel like they are amalgamating into a single entity and sliding over each other like a thousand eels at the same time.

Your mouth tastes sweet, our saliva mingles, warmth spreads through my body but there are 2 centres of intense heat, our lips and my hard cock.

Again you pull away, I want more but I can't reach you.

A small storm ripples across the mattress as I feel you moving to a new position. I feel one of your legs moving across my belly and your weight lowers gently onto me as you sit astride my hips.

Your pussy is wet on my belly, I can feel my hard cock flattened against my pubic bone pinned there by your arse crack.

Your weight pitches forward and your hard nipple is tracing a circle round the end of my nose.

I can feel the puddle of your juice cooling in the air on my belly and cock. I snap my head up to take your nipple into my mouth but I am too slow as you keep it just out of reach. Frustrated I relax my neck muscles and fall back into the pillow.

Again you lean forward and I raise my head but this time you allow me to greedily suck in your hard nipple.

I suck it deep into my mouth and roll my tongue round its hardness, feeling every ridge and pimple with the tip of my tongue.

I want to put my arms round your shoulders and pull my face deep into your comforting breast but my bonds frustrate me.

You pull your tit away and push the other one in my face, I suckle greedily.

I can feel your wet cunt snail-trailing juice up my belly, your back arches, your nipple leaves my mouth and the trail continues up my chest.

Your knees shift up and pin my shoulders to the bed.

Your shins slide across my shoulders until the curve of your ankles hold me down securely.

I can smell the musk of your juice and the heat of your pussy in my face.

I stick my tongue out as far as it will go and just manage to touch one of your hot leaves. You moan in the darkness.

Your pelvis descends and I rub my tongue slowly up your sopping slit starting at your asshole, slowly across your wet hole between your inner lips and up to your already swollen clitoris.

You taste both sweet and salty at this time it is like ambrosia.

Your body quivers and another moan of pleasure escapes from your lips.

I slide my tongue off your clit and rest the tip between your inner leaves. I move roughness of the body of my tongue in small circles across your lips, my nose is rubbing in circles around the top of your clit hood.

Juice drips onto my chin.

Your whole body quivers again and I hear you whispering 'Yes' under your breath.

My nose moves down applying pressure to the exposed head of your clitoris, at the same time my tongue stabs deeply into your hole.

Your hips gyrate slowly as you rub the head of you swollen clit on the point of my nose and my tongue probes deeply into your vagina.

I Tilt my head back and flatten my tongue moving it rapidly up your gash like a whore licking an ice cream.

Your thighs clamp round my head, I can't hear your moans and cries now as my ears are blocked by the firm flesh of your thighs.

I am blind in the dark and deaf.

My world consists of the beating of my own heart and your sodden gash rubbing in my face.

I feels the bonds on my hands being released but I am pinned by your weight and your cunt.

I don't want to move anyway.

I reach up with my hands and grab your swinging breasts.

My right hand cups one and I pinch the nipple of the left one.

Your hips raise slightly allowing me to move my head, I suck your whole clitoris into my mouth gripping it with my lips and force its hood back with the tip of my tongue.

Your body earthquakes, force 9 on the Richter scale.

my lips grip the hood of your Clit holding it back.to allow my tongue to rapidly flick across the head.

Your hips gyrate wildly, I grip your right arse cheek with my hand and pull your wet cunt harder on to my face.

I pinch your left nipple harder as my tongue continues its work.

Your pelvic gyrations turn into hip thrusts as I feel your thighs tightening around my head.

Your juice is flowing over my chin, pooling on my neck just above my collar bone before overflowing onto the bed.

I am pinching your hard nipple in time to your thrusts, my nails dig into your buttock as my hand urges your lunging hips to a faster rythmn, your wet gash is covering my face as my tongue rubs heavily across your clitoris.

Your pelvic thrusts die suddenly as your whole body spasms into rigidity.

I hold a sustained pinch on your nipple, my nails dig in your arse and my tongue increases speed over your clit as your whole body shudders with orgasm.

I think you are screaming but I cannot hear through your thighs.

Your body starts to relax, I stop licking and gently kiss and caress your pussy, I release your nipple and arse.

I can hear you gasping now as you release my head and fall sideways onto the bed.