Written by sexycarol

31 Jul 2005

I am laying naked on the bunk in the cabin. The sun is bright and the sky is blue .......dreamy thoughts of how lovely it feels without any particular pressures or worries, I am laying there waiting for you to arrive with a bottle of wine ..... the gentle motion of the sea rocks the boat and I drift off to sleep...hmmm... I wake with an itch on my nose, ooumm I can't reach it oo help what is this my arms are tied to the bed soft silk ties have been attached whilst I slept and I am now spread eagled on the bed...........and it is dark... a blindfold is covering my eyes soft black silk .... and then I realise my legs are tied too.....I hear your voice "hello did you sleep well?"...but not waiting for a reply you kiss me full on the lips.... you have bought the wine you drip a little on to my nipples the cold liquid makes them go hard immediately....you start to lick them they respond by getting even harder standing out they ache..craving more....you gently massage my breasts and rub them being careful not to hurt me. You treat them firmly a tit massage that feels good the sun tan oil on my skin eases them and makes the skin sensitive .. I begin to realise that I am still naked lying on the bed I am at our mercy ...I struggle a little but I know there is no escape the silk is soft but strong enough to hold me. A sudden flush waves over my body the thought of being so exposed and vulnerable makes me struggle again. Your hand moves down to my pussy....it has a will of its own and gives away my secrets ...it is wet and starting to swell....no no I think this is not what I want .but my body tells a different story my hips rise to meet our hand and I am unable to control the twitching and squeezing of my thighs. I feel I am going to cum .... no no .... but it is building inside me .. my heart is beating faster and my breath short quick breaths.. You stop touching me before I cum and I try to close my legs try to squeeze my thighs together try and put out the fire that has started inside me ...... You are watching me wriggling on the bed you can see the juices glisten on my pussy it is swollen now and little drops of juice join together and trickle down to my ass .... You wait a while just watching me. You start the massage again running your hands over all of me caressing my nipples and brushing over my pussy ....each time you get near to my pussy I thrust my clit out pushing as hard as I can to try and get the relief I need ....my pussy is on fire and it gets wetter and wetter dripping on to the bed.. You continue to tease me playing with all the delicate skin on my inner thigh and buttocks... going close to my lips but not quite close enough to trigger the reaction that would flood over me with delightful pleasure....