Written by vodkaontherocks

17 Mar 2007

It was a normal weekend he came home from work and asked if I wanted to go to Blackpool, we had gone many times before. I had the three s shit shower shaved well a girl likes to be prepared. We never have too much to drink but this night both of us was going for it like we were camels. I told him nether of us should drive home and we should find a hotel or b/b. He likes getting me all horny and leaving me feeling like I would shag anything and to be honest anything with tits. We had been to a few places and I was getting to the point that shacking up with a stag party would only take the edge of the way he made me feel bbut every where was full. Till we got to the Northshore there was one place if I wasn't horny and wanted to find somewhere to get shagged silly I would not look at the place. We went in and asked if there were any rooms for the night and the man behind the desk said just pick a floor and have a good night we were a little confused and the guy said if you deside to say you pay in the morning depending on the floor! We were too horny to think anything and off we went up the stairs with a helping few fingers from him mmmmmmm. We hadn't got far and we notice all the doors were missing but there was no one in sight so we taking of or clothes like sex ended that night was naked before we got to the bed i pushed him on it and started to suck his hard cock getting enough in my mouth to make me chook but i did it again and again cause i knew when it got to my turn he would be chooking on all the cum that was coming from me. And restasured i was right he fingered me and licked me till the bed was wet with my cum. It wasn't over there he got up face dripping with cum, sucked my tits and started fucking me with his big thick hard cock. I was lost in the pleasure and didn't here the other couple come in, till they asked if they could join us, there was a pause till i said yes if you do as i say. I cleared my throat and to my surprise i told the woman to lick me out and her partner fuck her from behind while i lay there and let my partner watch while i sucked his cock oh it did feel good a woman licking my wet horney pussy and me deep throating a good cock. After a while her fingers and tougne was not enough i needed to feel my pussy stretched so wide and deep it would hurt for days so i said all change. I get off on the fact i believe i can please a woman better than a man well all other men not mine. He was fucking me hard instead of screaming i burried my mouth in her not so wet pussy i felt sorry for her her partners cock was big but she was not wet, i soon put the right putting my thumb in her pussy and licking her clit soon got her juices flowing. You would think by now i would have had my fill but i felt so in control i made everyone stop wiped my mouth and licked my fingers and told the guys that if the other woman was up for it we would have a sex bet the men had to watch me and the woman on the bed and the one to make the other scream with pleasure gets spit roasted. The woman was very quick at saying ok well the thought of two big cocks was easy to see she would do anything she could to win. What she wasn't counting on was so was i. The men stood back enough so they could see everything, we started french kissing and i started to suck her nipples and squeezing her tits then i turned around so both could suck on each others nipples i got on top so mine easily fell in her mouth. Kissing her all the way down till i used my tougne to seperate her soft bush so the softness of her wet pussy was in my mouth. I pulled out all the stops all i thought about was the two cocks at the end of it and i swear my tougne grew. I put a finger in her cunt and one up her arse cause i was on top i put her legs through my arms so i could lifted her up licking her arse and cunt which ever got the louder moan. It wasn't long before there was a sticky mess and i had to put my pussy straight on her face to shut her up. I got off her and we all watched as she lay there in heaven and it was all down to me. She managed to roll of the bed and she lay there on the floor holding her cunt still rocking and moaning. I turned to the men and they had there cocks in their hands and i said one can fuck my cunt and the other one lick my clit while i suck there cock and do my other party peice and if your good you can fuck my arse. Both were only too happy to do so i decided the both can take turns. I though i was in heaven my body was trembling i have never had anything as good. The cum that was on the bed you would think i could not come anymore but the cock was good my partner said the more i cum the more he would carry on fucking. I could see the other man thought it was to much one cock up my pussyand the other up my tight arse he was ready for cumming so i told them i was ready for their hot spunk all over my 40h tits and the first to cum i would lick it dry. They rocked me fast and hard oh it cant get any better??!! and it was as if my wish was granted they both pulled out and hot spunk wet all over my big nipples and both men stood there shaking with spunk dripping from there red ends. I rubbed the spunk roung my tits then licked it from my nipples before i got the drips frome their cocks. As i lay back on the bed thinking what a night there must have been ten people standing at the door saying it was good watching must have been worth dying for to have joined in and all three said you better believe it (sorry about the spelling and grammer)