Written by swingin_cat

15 Oct 2005

He always looked forward to the opportunity of staying a few nights with his brother and sister-in-law. Fuelled by the recent breakdown of his marriage, and the fact that most of his friends were starting to turn their back on him, he knew that a chance to visit the brother who he so confided in, and pour his heart out to, was definitely in order. His sister-in-law was also a supportive shoulder to cry on, whenever he needed it.

As always, he slept in the spare room. On this particular morning, whilst both of them were at work (at least that's what he assumed), he awoke at 8.30, ready for that first coffee of the day. As he was alone in the house, there was no point in throwing any clothes on just to go and make a coffee, so he leapt straight out of bed and made his way to the kitchen, bare naked.

On his way to the kitchen, he noticed that the bathroom door was slightly ajar, and that the light was on. Instinctively, he peered through the gap in the door, and could not believe the sight that beheld him! There, sitting astride the toilet, peeing in full view, was his sister-in-law. He couldn't take his eyes off the view of her sitting there, her skirt hitched past her waist, and her white cotton knickers pulled down just past her knees. Fixated by the sight, his hand slid down to his penis, and slowly rubbed himself to full erection. As she reached for a piece of toilet tissue to wipe herself, she then stood to pull her knickers up, and settled her skirt. She was, of course, unaware of the excitement she had provided. At this point, he decided to take safe refuge in the spare room where he slept, until she had left. As he attempted to make his way back to the room, the bathroom door opened, and out she stepped. In sudden shock at the sight of her brother-in-law stark naked, she shouted 'My God – what the hell are you doing?'. He rushed back to the room before she could confront him about his nudity. Hurriedly, he got back into bed.

A couple of minutes later, the bedroom door opened. Evidently, his sister-in-law took time to partially strip off, and there she stood in just her white bra and matching knickers. 'I'm really sorry…….I didn't know you were still at home', he said, embarrassed. As she sat down on the side of the bed, with a knowing smile, she looked, and replied 'It's OK. I know you enjoyed what you saw'. Confused, he said 'Sorry?'. Her hand slid over the duvet, playfully brushing the area of his groin. 'Someone else was wide awake this morning, wasn't he?', she said with a laugh. She stood up by the side of the bed, looked at him, and said 'Don't tell me you're just going to stay in there then!'.

By this time, he knew just what she was playing up to. Pausing for a few seconds, he got out of bed and stood facing her, his expression a mixture of excitement and disbelief. Her eyes moved down to his penis, now fully erect. Taking a step toward him, she cupped the tip of his penis with her hand, massaging it, and rubbing his pre-cum juices into the full length. He reciprocated by placing his left arm around her waist, slowly kissing her, his tongue gradually entering her mouth to caress her tongue. During the kiss, his other hand moved down to that warm, moist area between her legs. He could feel the resultant wet patch in her knickers starting to soak completely through. Pulling her soaked cotton gusset to one side, his finger slid into the wetness of her vagina, gently massaging her clitoris at the same time. Pulling away slightly, he slid his penis into her knickers, so he was now stimulating her clitoris with his penis inside her underwear. As he started to rub up and down inside her knickers, she began to gasp.

He undid the backstrap of her bra, and threw it to the floor, whilst sucking both nipples, one at a time, to erection. She whispered 'Take my knickers off…….you'll cum too quickly if you carry on like this'. He pushed her knickers down to her thighs, his penis still lodged between her legs, touching against her protruding vaginal lips. She pulled away to take them off completely, and there they both stood: naked as the day they were born. She crouched down, legs still apart, in front of him, and caressed the tip of his penis with her tongue, slowly taking his full length completely in her mouth and going down on him. After a few minutes, she stopped, and lay on the bed. He seized the opportunity to return the compliment. He crouched down until his face was level with her vagina, and could now smell the warm excitement emerging from her. He proceeded to tongue her moist vagina, slowly working his way upwards to her clitoris. He didn't want her to orgasm too quickly, so he stopped after a few minutes. In a moment of inspiration, he raised her bum slightly off the bed, pulling her cheeks apart, and began tonguing her anus. By her moans of pleasure, it was obvious she liked anal stimulation, and he further assisted in her pleasure by sliding his finger inside her ass, slowly. The white juices of her vagina began to dribble down to her anus, making finger penetration a lot easier.

A few moments passed. He drew up level to her, cradled her in his arms, to her whispers of 'fuck my ass, please…..'. She took the doggy position on the bed, whilst he slowly entered her tight little hole. Her cries of 'fuck my ass…….harder…..' was the only sound to be heard in the room. After a while, he pulled out of her ass, and slid deep into her now sopping wet vagina, the room now filling with the strong scent of combined sex juices, distinctive of a cock rubbing up and down inside a wet pussy. He knew his time was nearly up, and his cock was ready to explode, so he pulled out. Without hesitation, she knelt up, took his cock into her mouth, frantically masturbating the base until he came in her mouth, knowing that she had swallowed every drop of his cream. After such a tremendous climax, they both lay on the bed in each others' arms.

As they stood in the shower together, soaping each other, she whispered to him 'Not a word to your brother…….understand? Let's do it all over again soon'. 'Here's looking forward to my next overnight stay', he thought………..