Written by armyhousewife

21 Jul 2005

We had been married for 20 years, things had started to get a little stale in our relationship. Our children had moved on to University and we where left at home to potter around each other and try to keep our once loving relationship going.

It got to the point one day that Doug had not even kissed me good morning. That was it, I decided to do something about it. I called up a Hotel in Brighton that we went when we first got together and booked there honeymoon suite. If this didn't do it I don't know what will.

On the Friday night I put the bags in the car and told Doug that we are going out for the night. I drove all the way to Brighton and pulled up at the hotel. Doug turned to me and smiled, he'd remembered! We got out of the car and booked in. The porter took our bags upstairs and we followed. It was great! A four poster bed, lots of blankets, an open fire and a big bathroom with a bath that had space for 2.

We unpacked the bags and decided to go down to the bar for a drink (we needed a drink it had been a long time since I had felt his cock in me) I sat on the bar stool in my deep red dress, a dress to kill even the most iced up man. But Doug still sat there just with a glazed look over his eyes. (Great I get all dressed up and brought him down here and still nothing)

I sat there talking to him about work. I was getting lost in my large glass of red wine. As we sat there I looked up and over the bar, a man was sitting their, he looked over and smiled at me. A man that might be interested in me! Will wonders ever cease! I smiled back at this man across the bar and started to play with my hair looking at him, thinking about what he could do to me, taking me to the limits of my sexual peek. Doug looked at me and laughed. He said, 'you are looking at that guy, you like him don't you? You really want to fuck him?' I just smiled at Doug and carried on drinking my wine. As I got to the bottom of my wine glass another one appeared next to me. The bar man said it was compliments from the man at the end of the bar, as soon as I herd those words my hart started beating, shivers started running down my spin to my un used pussy. I looked at Doug and he smiled and winked at me, what does Doug want? Does he want me to flirt with this man? Does my husband of 20 years really want me to fuck this, this gorgeous, sexy man, oh fuck me I really want him.

I pick up the glass and smile over to this mystery man. I then looked back at Doug and for the first time in years he has that glint back in his eyes that glint that took me to the wildest places all those years ago. As I was remembering the times we used to have, Doug got up and walked off, he didn't even say a word. Where the hell was he going? I just sat there and kept thinking about the good old times we used to have, what happened to the days when we didn't have a care in the world. As I pondered over the old times I felt Doug's hand on my knee, I looked over at him and to my shock it was the man from the other side of the bar, what was I going to do? His hand felt so soft on my skin, he made me tingle all over my body, his touch enlightened my burnt out flame. I could not say anything apart form thank you for the drink, my eyes fixed on his the whole time, those big deep blue eyes that just made my hart melt. I wanted that hand of his to go further up my dress to where my awaiting shaven cunt lay. He then started talking to me asking who that man I was with was. I told him it was my husband, all this time he kept slipping his hand up further , bit by bit. I was getting very hot and wet, knowing that Doug would be back at any moment and catch him with his hand going up my dress.

I asked this man what his name was, he replied in a deep and smooth voice, 'Alex, and what is yours?', 'I'm Fee and my husbands name is…' He cut me off and said,' Doug, I met him just now. He told me to come over and acquaint myself with you' My god, Doug had spoken to him. What had he told him, where was Doug now? He has left me to get to know Alex. If that what Doug wants then I will get to know this man.

As we sat and talked about him. I could feel his finger stoking my knee tracing patterns on it. We laughed, flirted and drank. Alex was amazing form the slightest of touches he made me quiver and shake. I wanted to kiss those pert lips of his to feel his tong exploring my mouth like his tong would on my soaking wet pussy. I want him to pick me up and put me on the bar and devour my pussy right now in front of the whole bar, I wanted to feel his cock inside me sliding in and out, ramming it in, making me scream as I cum.

I suddenly realised that we were the last people in the bar, it was late very late. Doug had not returned. My head was light and my body was oh so very hot. I said to Alex that I should go and find Doug and go to bed. Alex agreed and said he would come with me. I thought this would be dangers, him and me in a more private place, could I control my self? I want him so badly I want him to explore my pussy with his long think delicate fingers. I want to have his cock in my mouth and cunt.

We walked out of the bar and up to the lift. The life came and no one else was in there. We walked in and the moment the doors closed he grabbed me by my waist and pulled me into his body, I could feel his hard big cock pressing into my stomach, I looked up into his soulful eyes and he bent down towards me kissed my mouth passionately. As he kissed me my body was on fire every part of me was more receptive to him. I felt his hands move down under my bum cheeks and lift me slightly. Pulling me closer to him, feeling his cock dig more into my side.

With that the doors of the lift opened, we parted. I wanted more, I did not want Alex to leave my lips. As we walked out of the lift he held my hand, I could feel the electricity of lust and passion run though our grip. As we walked up to my room ,thoughts of Doug laying there in bed were running through my head, what will he think, how could I do this to him I have kissed another man. We stopped out side the room. I heisted, but Alex just opened the door. There was Doug sitting there on a chair. As I glanced across the room I saw a woman laying on the bed . She was only had her bra and thong.

What was going on? I didn't know what to do. Doug just sat there looking at me with a huge smile on his face. This woman was gorgeous, she had long blonde hair, slim, breasts nice and pert, smooth golden skin. I was getting even wetter just looking at her. Alex took my hand and lead me over to the bed. I stood there just stunned not knowing what to say or what to do. This woman came behind me and started kissing my neck. Oh I can still feel it now, another woman's lips on my soft skin. As she kissed my neck Alex was unzipping my dress I looked over at Doug and I could see his cock pressing against his trousers wanting to come out. His face was fixed on mine.

Alex let the dress drop to the floor to reveal my naked body. Alex lent down and took one of my hard nipples in to his mouth and started sucking hard, making my pussy twitch. I felt the woman's hands run down my stomach, and around my waist and over my tight ass and under. She was so close to touching me, I want her to. She pulled her hands back up and around to my other tit and started playing with it. Alex took a step back and said, 'Grace, tie her to the bed', so that's her name, what are they going to do with me now. Alex picked me up in his big strong arms and placed me gently on to the soft bed. Grace straddled me and took one arm at a time and tied me to the bed, as she done this Alex took my legs and spread them apart and done the same. I was laying there unable to move my pussy on show, feeling venerable. I knew that Doug could see my wet smooth hairless cunt. I was longing for a big hard cock to penetrate me.

Grace lent back on top of me and took her bra off. I could see her full beauty of her breasts now. She then leaned forward and let her nipple fall on my lips. Never having a woman's nipple in my mouth I opened my mouth and felt it slid between my lips. I sucked a little and herd a little moan come from her mouth, I sucked a little harder and harder. She was loving it. I went to grab her other boob, but my hands were tied I had to make do with just her nipple. I moved my head across to the other one and took it into my mouth biting it a little harder this time and sucking at it. Grace was whimpering on top of me. I felt her body start to slid down mine, and her nipple left my mouth. As she slid down her nipple left a damp trail behind. It was my turn now to have her suck my nipples. As she took one in her mouth I turned my head and could see Alex standing to the side of me with his long thick hard cock in his hand, he was naked, a great body. Alex had his cock and started to stock it gently. I wanted to suck it, I wanted him to shove it into my mouth and let me suck that cock. But he just stood there looking at Grace sucking my tits, and me laying there helpless to anything just having to give in to the pleasure.

Grace started to move down my body she was running her hands down each side tracing her tong over me, as she does this I give into her and let out a little moan, For the first time since we all got in the room Doug said, 'You like that don't you Fee? Good girl, Go on Grace enjoy my wife she is a dirty slut really' Grace then moved down further towards my wanting pussy. Her hands glided over my hips and down my thighs to my feet, Grace licked her lips. She then moved her hands up the insides. I was panting by this stage, I want her so much, when was she going to devour my wet horny cunt? Her hands went up and up and up towards my pussy, I felt her breath on me. Her tong at last was on my pussy lips, she traced all around and around, skimming over my swallow clit. I am so excited I think I am going to cum the moment that she inserts her tong into my pussy. With that Grace then flicked her tong across my clit, it was like 1000 volts going through my body making me shake and moan out loud.

Grace then stopped and moved back, Alex then sat right up towards my head and put his hard cock into my mouth. His cock was long, smooth and very hard, I started to suck it as he pumped it in and out of my mouth, to the side of me Grace was playing with her clit, I moved my eyes to look at her touching herself, pleasuring her self while she looked at me with Alex's cock in my mouth. He trusted it in and I sucked and sucked longing for it to go into my wet, hot tight pussy.

Alex slipped him self down my body sucking on my nipples as he went, we he really going to insert his strong hard length into me? He used his tong all over my nipples, I wanted to move closer to push my self into him more, but the hand cuffs dug more and more into my wrists. I moved my head more to see what Alex was doing to me and I caught Doug's eyes, they were transfixed on my wet cunt, did Doug know what was going to happen next?

As Alex moved down Grace was undoing the cuffs, at last freedom I can touch his golden soft firm skin. Alex pulled me up by my hips and flipped me over as if I didn't weigh a thing. I was there on all fours, Alex behind me and Grace, well Grace had her legs spread with her sweet smelling pussy in front of my face. What did Grace want me to do with it? Was I meant to lick her out? I started to move my head closer and closer to her, I wanted to taste her in my mouth to feel her clit in between my teeth. As I took my first lick of this great pussy, Alex shoved his cock into mine. I pushed back on to his cock as he pushed into me. I was ready to scream. I berried my head into Graces cunt and started to lick her clit and bite it as Alex fucked my pussy hard and fast. I could see Grace loving this, and Alex growing at the sight of my head in her pussy. He pushed the back of my head further into the hot, wet pussy as he pounded me harder and harder. I could not take this any more my cunt was about to explode. Alex was filling up my pussy and I had my head in another woman's pussy.

I licked deeper and tong fucking her tight, wet sweet pussy. Grace leaned forward and pulled my hair to make my face wetter then it had been. She groaned and moaned and started to scream out loud, I had made her cum! Her pussy started to contract in to my face, covering it in her pussy juices, I carried on licking faster and harder as her orgasm took over her body. I was so over whelmed by her cuming in my face I had forgotten about Alex behind me ramming his long, hard cock into me. He reached around and rubbed my clit as he fucked my cunt.

With Graces pussy all over my face and Alex's cock sliding in and out of me and my clit being rubbed, I could not take it mush longer. Alex done four hard thrusts and I could feel my self being set alight, my pussy tighten up, my body going into spasm, then with one final thrust the feeling that I had thought I had lost for ever came flooding back. I screamed out loud, 'oh yessssssssssssss ffffuuuuccckkkk mmmeee' Just as my almighty orgasm started to fade out, Alex with drew his hard cock and stuck it in my mouth where he proceed to cum, all down my throat and chin. He tasted so good!

Alex got up and put his clothes back on, Grace done the same. I sat there covered in cum, naked and warn out. I had nearly forgotten about Doug! I looked over at him and he smiled. Nobody said a word as they both left, apart form Alex came over to me and kissed me on the forehead then walked out of the door with Grace.

Doug got up and walked over. Without say a word he laid next to me and put his arms around me and pulled my body in tight and kissed my cheek and all he said was, 'mmmm, is that Alex or Grace I can taste?' …