Written by unknown

30 Dec 2005

This all started in 1992 = Im a single male as I dont like relationships (a coward at heart) so the chance for me to have another mans wife seemed a great idea to start with.

To cut a long story short I delivered some stuff to a house in North Yorkshire and I got on that well with the lady of the house that I went back a few days later and shagged her.

When I asked her what if her hubby found out she said = he already knows. Ive told him Im going to shag you this afternoon = Holy shit, how did he take it? = He knows I like more sex than he does and rather than us splitting up our marrige he allows me to have my fun. We call it my little hobby. = So long as I dont do it behind his back hes OK with it, he doesnt like it, he wishes it was just me and him but I need more she said.

After about a month I met the hubby and we got on well but he could never talk about me shagging his wife. He seemed to blank it out of his mind.

We used to be shagging upstairs in bed while he was downstairs in the lounge. After a time he progressed to listening outside the bedroom door. We could hear him. Thats when I used to give a running commentery on what I was doing to his lovely wife = wank that cock you sexy slut = come on suck it = eat it = work at it = now let me kiss you and taste that cock of mine = now Im going to eat your pussy you bitch = come on spunk that pussy = work it move it = let me drink it = now Im going to finger fuck your arse you prick teasing bitch = Ill show you what happens to prick teasers you cock sucking slut = you gonna get some nice fresh spunk right up your arse = you deserve it you bitch = and all the time he was outside the door but never made a sound = never wanked = nothing like that = spooky =

She disscused things with him after and he said he would like to be involved but he couldnt bare to see the woman he loved in the arms of another man = truly a man torn apart = This was one nice gut but when it came to me fucking his wife he just put up a wall of silence = this wasnt real, now I was getting my head full of shit = this was in danger of falling apart I had to act = I suggested that when I arrived at their home the next time they should be together in the bedroom but leave the door open and hang a sheet in the open doorway with a hole cut in the sheet so that I could poke my prick through and she could suck it till it spunked and the hubby could watch what we did without me actualy being in the room with him = she thought this was great = him not so sure but we agreed to have a go at it so I arrived in silence and poked my prick through the hole as arranged. I didnt even know if they were in the room as all was silent = then I felt her kneel down and I could feel her through the sheet placing her hands on my thighs = she orderd him = hold that prick so I can suck it = wank it so it goes harder you usless bastard = wow this was a turn-around = their I was outside the door in silence and she was inside giving her sexy commands to her hubby = right you bastard you can have a go at sucking it now she demanded to him = all i knew was I was getting my cock sucked = it felt good = suck you cunt, I want to see you drinking his spunk = suck more = harder = faster = back soon = deller= what could I do = I just had to come = right in his mouth = I could hear her on the other side = drink it = lick it = clean that bit there thats run down = It was like roles reversed now becauase while I was out her she was in their acting like I usualy am = She was of again = right you bastard lie on the bed I want your prick up me and you had better work at it because I want a good fucking = I had to peep through the hole in the sheet = he was layed on the bed and she was on top of him, he was writhing about underneath her like a man in a convulsion = after just a couple of minutes = you bastard youve fucking spunked before I told you to = right get overr here and suck that prick hard again becauase I want some more prick = you 2 want to fuck me so nows your chance to get some fucking done you useless bastards = Right now hold that prick so I can back on to it = hold it you silly cunt = guide it into my pussy you fucking muppet head = now come around to the front so I can suck you prick and have a roasting = Its about time you two fucking muppets started a double act = now fuck = both of you fuck me = Well for my part on my side of the blanket I fucked her untill my knees went to jelly then without a word I got dresed and went home = she rang me as she used to do and said why dont we leave it a while to think about it = when I rang a week later she said no hard feelings but she was ready for something new = we had had fun and I had even shown her one or two tricks and she was ready to try new things = Ho well = all good things come to an end = thats one thing about being a single male = you sure see life. = I have one story for you next time where Im sure I was set up by a husband and wife buy could never prove it = not that it matterd becauase I enjoyed it.