Written by rich23102

13 Oct 2005


This was the first time anything like this has happend to me and it was purly by chance. yes, ive met a girl in a bar befor and ended up with a one night stand, been with married women, usual girlfriend stuff, but this opend my eyes to something a bit different.

I am an engineer by trade, and I had occasion to fly out to a job in St Lucia, Bugger me if it isn't a tough old life.

Anyway as my flight was mid morning I had traveld up the night before and was at the hotel bar. I was bumped into by the Woman standing next to me, cant say I had been taking much notice. She appologised, and I started chatting to her turns out she was waiting for her husband (bugger I thought) who came down shortly after we started chatting.

As it turned out we got on rather well, David and Claire were off on holiday. Dave was late 30's like myself, dark haired, medium build. Claire a bit younger, blonde, size 12 with small breasts... yes I did look... and yes she did catch me looking...

As I was on my own they invited me to eat with them, was not sure about this, goosebery and all that.. but they talked me into it.

It turned out a great evening, a couple or three bottols of red, nice food, good conversation. After the meal we went back to the bar as there were people waiting and we finished the bottle, it was gettin late and last orders was called.

I got a bottle for the road, and it was suggested we go back to dave and claire's room, so without further thought off we all went.

We got through the door, turned on the TV, and pored the last of the vino. Dave was flicking channels and got one of those cheesy soft porn movies. God these are rubbish he said, Claire however remarked that they made her horny.

Oh time to take my que and leave I think, why giggled Claire, you know what they say.."go on" I replied... "two's company but threes more fun".. "Your not suggesting".."yes" she said and leaned across and kissed me...

Dave came across and sat next to us and we started taking in turns kissing her. Her hand moved between her legs and started rubbing me and I started feelng ner breasts..." I saw you looking earlier" she giggled...

eventualy we ended up on the bed, disrobbed and ready... You could see the glint in Clairs eye as she looked at me and dave ready for her. she lent forward and slipped her lips around her hesbands cock as I lowered my head between her legs and started working her hard with my tounge.

Sot moans left her, it wasnt long before she was dragging me up the bed, I slipped inside her, her eyes closed, legs gripped me and we started to fuck. I like to tease and was only giving her short shallow strokes, about an inch inside her, I knwe it was driving her crazy as her hands vame up and gripped around my bottom and she was pulling my towards her desperate for me to go deeper.. So I obliged and gave her a deep hard thrust, we both nearly exsploded....

Ok I had to cool it for a bit and swapped with Dave who was having equaly a hard time at NOT Cumming..

Claire pulled out of dave and went down on him, sucking him hard the poor guy stood no chance and was soonunloading into her mouth..

Now your turn she purred at me and pushed meonto the bed, climbing on top she lowered herself down all the way ontomy shaft. then with me deep inside her started rocking back and forwards... I wasnt long before we both came, Claire lied ontop of my as I pumped hot cum deep into her lovely hips....

Yes I want more, It was hot, sexy, erotic, amazing...