Written by zenga

13 Jan 2006

Went to the hotel where I asked her if she wanted another drink. She did. Drank quite a bit of bacardi. Then she went to the toilet and came back in two minutes completely naked!!. I didn't waste any time and stripped with my big cock hard as a rock. Went over to her and picked her up. Put her legs on my shoulders and started eating her pussy. She was screaming with delight as she tried to grab hold of my knob. Wouldn't let her as I told her that there was plent of time for that. Put her on the chair and spread her legs really wide. Starting spitting on her pussy so that she was nice and moist. By this time I think she was in heavan by the sounds of her moans. Then got her up and she just went for my cock. Stuck it right in her mouth all the way with her tongue licking my balls. I stood up at this time and was holding her hair quite tight. She did that for an age then she pushed me onto the bed and lifted my legs up and spat on my arsehole. I love that!!. Told her to carry on with that as she used the tip of her tongue licking my balls right down to my hole. Fantastic!!. Then it was time to fuck. Bent her over the bed and held her legs by her ankles and started slowly thrusting my cock in and out. She said to me jokingly 'that all you got' so I started fucking her really hard giving hera good spanking. She then shut up and i went up next to her grabbed her by the hair and told her 'who is the daddy' she smiled and then started really giving it to her good and she swore at me calling me a motherfucker and bastard. I then put her onto the chair got her legs on my shoulders and my cock was then bouncing off her ussy. Did it make a beautiful sound!!. I swear I don't think she has ever been fucked that hard.Did that for a while and then went on th floor holding my cock up straight and told the blond to sit on my cock. We did both reverse and cowgirl slapping her arse every time she slowed down. By this time I was ready to finish so I turned her over with mycock still in her pussy and fucked her missionary. Told her that I wanted my arse spanked and she duly obliged. Came right on her face and then she sucked me dry. Had a few more sessions after that.

Easy story to make up isn't it. Well it isnt as she agreed that we video it and I have it all 60 mins of this hard fucking session. So all you girls who need your pussy serviced contact me and i will oblige and if you want to see me in action with the blond and other girls just contact me. Hope to hear from you soonXXX