Written by twosexaddicts

19 Aug 2006

I was working at an outdoor craft market, making women's tank tops and skirts: mostly. One very hot brunet named Sheila asked me to come over and listen to music. I agreed and she replied that I was 'Easy' Sheila ravaged me that night. Sucking and fucking me for many very hot hours.. Soon she was living with me and asked me to go to her work and bring home her girl friend. I agreed and drove 40 or so miles to her work and took Robin home with me.. We pulled over on the way up a two-lane mountain road and I gave her a long hot kiss from Sheila..

I brought her home and Sheila met her at the door with another hot long deep kiss. The three of us had dinner and after much three way kissing found our way to bed. The girls got on either side of me and showed each other their favorite cock sucking tricks. I of course was in heaven.. I ate both of them: they ate each other, and me. The three of us kissed together, I can assure you three tongues are better than two. We all came many times through out a long night. The first of many. Sheila sent me to her bed at the last after Robin thought she had had enough, I pounded her into many more orgasms till I at last returned to the bed of my lover and took her again too. I have been addicted to three ways ever since.

Sheila brought over other ladies, fine and willing, we spent several months like this, having her friends in our bed. One of my friends had been on a long dry streak, I asked Sheila if she would give him a birthday gift for me, and she was very excited to help, especially after hearing of his long dry spell.

We arrived at his door around 6 PM and sat on his couch with her between us. I asked her to give him his 'Present' and she moved to him, kissing him deeply. Soon she had his cock in her mouth, giving him a very good blowjob: He moaned and sighed as she took him off in her mouth.

The three of us retired to his bed, with a large mirror at the head. I began kissing her, her lips still dripping from his very large load, and he went down on her as I watched. I straddled her face and fed her my cock, watching him eat her off in return for her excellent job on him. Soon I came in her mouth as well and moved to the side. He looked at me begging to fuck her, and I nodded giving him my permission. My gut was wrenching with jealousy, my cock hard and my excitement unlike anything I'd ever felt before. I watched my friend ride my lady missionary style for some time, at last he stiffened and I knew he was leaving his seed deep in my lady.

My excitement was such that I actually pushed him aside to take my place in her hot, wide open, cum drenched hole. I plunged in and fucked her hard as he watched, taking some time about giving it to her good, to show I was the better lover. I changed rhythm often to keep from popping, at last I could stand no more and filled her with my own juices..The three of us kissed and he and I were take by her over and over. Several times all three cumming at once. It has been over 20 years but I can not forget the heat of the sex that night. Sheila went back to her ex, I married twice, once badly: and now for several years have been in bliss with my very hot, loving wife.. We fantasize often of many things and peopleā€¦So far we have not crossed the line since we've been together, but both get off telling each other stories about doing it together..