Written by miss86

27 Aug 2005

imagine me layin on ur bed my legs spread wide ur watchin me as im fingerin myself n i can see that dick get hard. u watch my face as i push em in deeper then u come over to me n drag me to the edge of the bed. u lift my legs up n open em as wide as theyll go. u start lickin away at my cunt movin ur hands over my body. i hold my lips apart as u push ur tongue in my hole tasting me when im wet enuff u get up n u groan as u start teasin me wiv the tip of ur dick rubbin it over my lips n teasin my hole pushin it in a little then bringin it out slowly. u lean over n push it rite up in my cunt makin me gasp n grip the sheets. u start fuckin me hard ur bollocks bangin against my arse my juices runnin down my crack n onto the bed. u groan as u look down n see it sliding in n out of me i tense my muscles n grip that cock. i beg u to fuck me harder u push my legs to my chest n ram it in as hard as u can. im moanin my head off now ur dicks rubbin against my g spot. ur gunna cum in me. u watch my back arch u put a hand round my neck n then over my tits n u shoot that cum deep inside me. u take it out n watch me finish myself off movin my fingers round in ur cum till i have an orgasm n wed both have had a good time.

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