Written by Unknown

11 Jun 2007

its been a long drive and you are exhausted.....the wee one is sound asleep in the car, having been hyper since you set off...your just driving past carlisle when a thought hits you, I said my wife and kids were away for the night...you smile, then shake your head, nah, you couldn't......but the thought of it starts to awaken the desires between your legs...hmmmm maybe if i stopped just to say hi....you are starting to get excited....do you call me...or surprise me....you decide on the later.

within 20 minutes you are pulling up outside my house...your whole body tingling in anticipation.....you ring the door bell, the dog barks....then you see my shadow at the door. as i open it, you push it hard...taking me by surprise, pushing me against the wall, closing the door with you foot you are up against me, kissing, pulling at my shirt, cursing my mangy old belt as you try to rip my jeans off....all this and not a word, your mouth glued to mine, sucking and playing with my tongue, my cock is in your hand, you have unbuttoned your own trousers and they are sliding down to your ankles along with your knickers...you step out of one trainer and kick you clothes to one side....spinning me around, your back is against the wall, your hand guiding me into you waiting pussy....lifting a leg to help me enter, i slide easily in....this has been nearly two weeks of frustration...and you are ready for me, i almost cum as i enter you....you have never been so hot, so wet for me before, i pull my mouth from your to say something...but you put a finger to my lips and shake your head, i devour you with kisses again, the sex is fast, hard, frantic, both comsumed by our own needs, the other playing just the part of the plaything, your are grinding your clit against my cock, i am fucking you like the world is about to end, we both come, so intensely our bodies shake together like we are in an earthquake, i am sure you ejeculate, so wet am i with you juices..still locked to my mouth you bend and adjust your clothing.....finally slipping on your shoe...you open the door and leave...turning only to smile.

i dress and go back into the living room...in a daze....did i just dream that? did you just come in, without a word and make love to me with so much passion and then leave....not even saying hi!! my hand goes down to my stirring cock....i feel you wetness still on me....and smile.