Written by xlongneil

19 Apr 2006

I was just finishing up my schooling before I started my career in business in London and I was invited to a bit of a party that required me to dress up and cover my mug too. I had brought my girl at the time and we had thought of the toga outfits like the yankers movie Animal House except we were to cover our faces with famous past Celebes.

I had brought Trish and we had a bit of a fight earlier because of our jobs and how I didn't want to get serious and only like to stay together because of her great breast that were perfect shaped 34 C cups. She was into mild bondage and loved me to put her OTN and smack her bum until it would turn cherry red. I had never been that way with other women before but once Trish was hot she would definitely make me stand at full attention with her oral action.

To make a story short we got at the party and got separated because she gave me an ultimatum of shack up or split up. I said the latter and she split in the crowd. She knew I was going to try to find her and switch outfits with one of her college room mates and disappeared within the crowd. I spotted whom I thought was Trish heading towards the Loo and followed her in the dark hallway and just as she was about to exit jumped in the dark room and grabbed her and put her over my knee and pull her knickers down. She squirmed at first but as I swatted and massaged her pussy between smacks seemed to settle down. Evidentially her old college roomy had also shaved her puss and kept in similar physical shape which made identifying her bum a little harder to do in the dark room.

Her pussy was so hot and wet that I couldn't resist giving it some hot tongue action and pulling out my seven and half inch tool and drive her until I shot white spunks into her tight pussy. She was tight and horny which made my dick feel snug and hot as hell. When I completed my wild sex action I got up and gave her a quick hug and left for another draft.

It was to my surprise later when I saw my girl friend drinking a draft with her mask hanging low that I was a gasp. I asked where her outfit was and was informed of the switch.

She later also talked with her old roomy and set up my punishment one month later which consisted of them getting me drunk and took out to the country side and dropped naked and passed out. This of course is another story of my adventures. I can only hope I get some more great stories and experiences here in this online swinger site.