Written by toy_man

26 Oct 2006

We have just returned from a holiday in Spain where I watched my wife get the session of her life, my fantasy and it was all her doing. Occasionally during our sessions or maybe once a month, I tell her fantasy stories during foreplay about a stranger being in the room to get me excited due to my diabetes 'not a slur on her' while using an improvised dildo 'cucumber does the trick'. They are always the same about me inviting someone with a big cock to watch us and wank himself off while we fuck when really I want him to fill her pussy while I watch, during our trip to Spain I got my end away almost every day with her especially after she had been tanning her boobs on our balcony in the afternoon, we got into a routine where we hit the beach in the morning had lunch in the hotel and then hit the poolside with a few lagers, one day she was displaying her ample cleavage at the pool when her eye was well and truly distracted Kath grabbed my hand and said Al look at that. When I said what she said look at that guy, his cock is hanging out the end of his shorts, it must be huge. When I looked, sure enough this guy (Eli) was sitting opposite us, reading a paper astride his sun lounger and his knob was hanging out the end of his shorts WOW. He put his paper down and was gazing around the pool at all the women and being in his late twenties early thirties and with a monster knob, he could have had anyone of them. Kath said to me, I've got to have him. If you still want to see me fucked by a huge cock you have got to arrange it, I was amazed this guy was a dark brown in colour when I pointed out that she said she didn't dig black guys she said brown isn't black (Kath logic), Before I could say anything, Eli was standing beside us and said that he heard what my wife had said and loved the look of her ample curves and tits and would be more than happy to oblige. Kath looked at me and said lets go to our room, I was astounded, I had never seen or heard her like this before, but she doesn't drink Estrelle Dam in the day as a norm. On the way up in the lift another thing she never doe's' Eli had pulled her tits out and was kissing her nipples hard and making her whimper as he bit them.

Once in the room my wife pulled Eli's shorts down and started to lick his cock, now she doesn't mind giving oral but she was trying desperately to get his big knob in her mouth peeling back the foreskin to show off the glistening glans, and as his cock stiffened it looked absolutely huge (11.5" we found out later) but Kath managed to get the head of it in her mouth while wanking the rest of it with both hands his balls hanging like a sack of potatoes. For 10 minutes she sucked and wanked before he said "go girl, I'm ready to come" now Kath never enthused about the taste of man juice but she kept sucking and wanking until Eli started to jerk as he emptied his wad down my wife's throat. Kath eventually had to let his cock go as she started to choke on his juice, but as his cock sprung out of her mouth, he was still creaming over her face, hair & tits and I can only describe what was shooting out of his cock as a thick wad of cream, a bit like condensed milk, it was so thick and creamy. Kath grabbed his cock again and started to lick it and stuff it back down her throat. When Eli had stopped creaming my wife pulled his cock from her mouth and said to me is your fantasy as good as you thought it was going to be. I looked at her cream covered face, hair & tits and just said better as I shot my watery juice over her arse. KT wanked Eli slowly and said: " now I want this monster brown cock to fuck me and fill my belly full of your lovely juice. Wait a minute I said, your not going to let him ride you bare back are you? Your dammed right I am, just like you have me doing in all your fantasy stories. Eli grinned and said come on babe let me fill you up. He started to kiss Kath's pussy till she came 3 times then he tried to mount her, but he was too big. He tried fingering her and kissing her pussy again but she still could not take him. Kath by now was getting frustrated, " I've got to get this cock inside me, he's got to fuck me and fill me with his juice, she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, Al you've got to help make it happen. I didn't know what to do, Eli had her on all fours sliding his huge cock up and down the length of her fanny lips which was clinging to this black rod. As he was doing this I noticed her clitty was erect and decided to suck and lick it as Eli's cock was rubbing the length of her fanny. This got her coming even more as I used to rub it while frigging her at the same time and she always loved it. After a few minutes of Eli's cock hitting my head while I licked her clit, my wife's juices was really flowing now I pulled away and as Eli slid his cock along again I pushed the head with my finger in to my wife's pussy. It went in a few inches and she screamed with delight and came clawing wealds into the skin on his back with her nails. As I stood up she mouthed to me "Thank you darling" Eli then proceeded to push the rest of his length in and she took the lot. He did not fuck her, he made love to her, taking it slowly out the full length and sliding it back in, He seemed to know when she wanted long and slow and hard and fast. He kept this up for half an hour making Kath come loads of times before he lifted her legs over his shoulders and rammed her fast and hard, his big balls slapping her arse before grunting and emptying them deep inside her belly. As he lay there still buried in her pussy she said Al, can he stay all night and fuck me. Yes dear he can make love to you all night. I did not get any sleep that night as Eli had my wife moaning with pleasure the whole night, Both of us have no regrets about what happened as it fulfilled both our fantasies, but whether it will happen again, who knows.

Toy Man