Written by adz

31 Oct 2006

HOLIDAYS:- as they should be!! Part one.

Imagine this.

We've gone to the isle of white for a week with your parents. The weather is good and we're staying at the Brunswick.

On the Wednesday your parents take the kids out for the day, to give us some time alone. We consider going out, but as it's hot decide to go for a quick swim first.

You put on your red swimsuit and we go to the pool where we are alone. We mess in the water and not much swimming is done before we're both feeling rude.

We decide to get out and shower. As we enter the room we see the sauna is open and go in for ten minutes.

We sit/lounge on the bench and it isn't long until we're really warm and getting slippery skin. We smile at each other and you tease me with your breasts.

Slowly showing me a full boob and nipple.

I am getting hard and I cross over to you and we begin to kiss. I take one of the boobs out and caress you. My hand works down your body and I start touching you through the material of the swimsuit. You put your hand down my shorts and begin playing with me.

After a short time I kneel on the lower bench and pull the suit to one side. I begin to kiss you and you hold my head before starting to play with yourself.

I cannot wait any longer and stand on the lower deck and slowly ease myself into you.

I begin to make love to you and as I speed up, feeling myself ready to cum, the door pops open.

A male stands looking on, jaw dropped in astonishment. He can't take his eyes off you're body, and although he says nothing, we can see the full story in his shorts. He is getting hard and it shows.

He stands at about 6'2' and has a muscular chest and athletic legs. He suddenly realises and tries to avert his eyes, but struggles.

In embarrassment I quickly pull out and we cover up. We sit in one corner, almost in shame. I'm against the wall and feel myself going down. He enters the room and sits in the middle of the top bench. All is quiet for a while before he smiles and say's

'Hey, don't stop for me I was enjoying that'

We stand to leave, embarrassed. 'hey, no I mean it he says' and from his shorts he pulls himself out and begins to masturbate.

He is quite large and thick, and sits looking at you as he slowly pulls himself.

We look at each other and you go to walk past him. He very cheekily goes to goose you as you pass him in the tight space. His finger finds its way to the edge of the swimsuit and as you're still moist from earlier, easily slips into you.

You gasp and look at me shocked. I grin and feel my shorts now rising again. I smile at you and say 'it's OK if you're comfortable'

We sit back down and I begin to snog your face off.

As we're kissing the man lets go of himself and begins to rub you. He pulls the suit to one side and plays gently with your clit. He pulls out a boob and kisses, licks and rubs it.

Then he spins you on the bench to face him. He lays you back and to make room I stand at the side of you on the bottom bench.

He opens your legs and pulling the suit to one side gently places himself against you. You look down your body at him with half open eyes and I see your cheeks flush.

He can feel the heat, smoothness and moisture of you against the tip of him.

He slowly eases into you, feeling the warm tight walls of your body all around him.

He slowly goes in as far as possible, and then begins to pull out. I can see his shaft glisten and your back arch as you raise your hips to allow him in even further.

As he enters you again I begin to kiss your boobs. I drop my shorts off and begin to masturbate.

I then kiss down your body and lower one leg until I can reach your clit. I begin to kiss her and am only inches away from him. I can see you open and stretched with him going in and out slowly. I can smell the excitement and I stand back up, about o explode.

I put him near your face hoping for a kiss, but your head rolls back and hips lift again, just as I cum onto your boobs. It runs between the boobs and starts to run up toward your neck, but you don't notice.

He does though and slowly rubs a bit around the top of you nipple. I now stand and watch for what feels like eternity as he get faster and faster and you struggle to stifle the moans of pleasure.

Then he pushes deep into you and I can see him tense as he cumms. The thought starts getting me hard again.

He leans over you and kisses you once on the lips. Then pulls out and stands up, pulling himself slowly as some cum drips from him.

He says 'that doesn't happen every day now does it? My names Dave, hope we can meet again'.

With that he puts himself away and leaves the room.

I look at you and we stare at each other for a moment before breaking into laughter.

I look at you and see my cum on your breast and Daves' beginning to run from your lips. I cannot help myself and take you again.

The look of your mixed cum running down me is a little disturbing and at the same time exciting, but your so open and ready for sex it feels great.

This doesn't take long and soon I've added to the mixed love inside you.

We both get up, very hot and exhausted, now running with sweat amongst other things.

We go out and get a shower. I clean my mess off you neck and boobs, but we leave the door unlocked, wondering who might walk in next XXX