Written by gulper

19 Apr 2006

My husband and myself were on holiday in the Maldives,lots of sun and sex together . On the second week we met a few lads in the bar and one thing led to another. One had a new camera and was taking pictures of everything that moved.The bar was all inclusive and the drinks flowed and lots of dancing. someone sugested a paddle and off we went . We ended up skinnie dipping and to finish i was carried back to my room as the beach was full of sharp shells . i remember some groping and stroking on the way back and lots of photo flashes. back in the room i was going to get dressed when my hubby said we have all seen each other why bother. we had a few more drinks and close dances the two lads and my hubby all sporting erections. this aroused me no end . i then started fondling them ,I could resist no more they had me one after another .it was over to soon but i was sore and my pussy lips were puffy and swollen .to cap it all a large dildo about 5 in round was used i did not think it would fit it was the size of a wine bottle. also the lad with the camara took my anal cherry. this hurt like hell, but i my try again . The next morning i woke up on the veranda hungover sore and with a dog licking me .Also i smelt like sex on legsand verry messy. We did not have a rerun but managed to get the photos. they are now on our gallery shot for shot .as for our relationship ,things have changed .DEE