Written by unknown

17 Sep 2005

I like fantasising about various situations such as hitching a ride or being taken over a desk or having sex in a closet at work. I used to be aroused when wearing satin underwear and having sex in the house while my parents were in. Making love with the person I am in love with is a powerful turn on. I like to imagine sex with good looking bosses and being aroused by a woman who can stimulate me to come just with her lips and tongue.

While I'm hitching a ride I am wearing a short skirt and a skimpy blouse. I am a size 8 with 34DD breasts. A lorry driver pulls up and I run and jump into his cab. As soon as I get in we both know there is an instant attraction. He is dark and muscular. We chat for a while but all the time I feel him undressing me with his eyes. I notice a bulge in his jeans is now bursting. I offer to unbutton his jeans to release it. As I unbutton his fly it springs out. I cannot believe my eyes at the size of it. It's so big that I don't know what to do with it so I become very quiet. I keep watching it out of the corner of my eye as he is driving.

He asks me to change gear for him but instead of taking hold of the gear stick, I take hold of his throbbing cock. I am so wet at this point. It twitches at my touch. I slip off my blouse and hitch up my skirt. I'm not wearing any knickers. I climb over and mount his cock while he is still driving. I ride away all the time he continues to drive.

I won't let him stop. His jeans are rubbing my clit and I begin to come. When he feels my contractions on his cock he also comes. Once we've sorted ourselves out we reach my destination and I will never see that throbbing cock again, which only adds to the pleasure of it.