Written by unknown

17 Sep 2005

These fantasies are as written by Dance Pole, typed word for word. They are not meant to be complete stories yet, you are just reading the raw thoughts from the mind of a highly sexed woman captured on paper and reproduced here. Enjoy!


His hand comes round the front of me and slips between my legs. For the first time he touches my clit, pinching it and rolling it between his fingertips. Without realising it, I begin to push my bottom down onto his cock, and I want it buried deep inside me. He responds by plunging into me as hard and as deep as he can. He almost lifts me off the ground with each thrust of his pelvis.

With his free hand he again wraps my hair around his fingers, pulling my head back hard so that my back arches in an almost impossible curve. Then without coming out of me even an inch, he turns us both around. He drags me, impaled on his prick, to the doorway again and perches himself on the lowest step, lifting me onto his lap to straddle him, my feet barely reaching the ground. I start to lever myself up and down, riding his cock hard, in an attempt to release the sexual tension that has been gathering inside me now for more than an hour.

I sense that he is close to coming too, his grunting in my ear getting more urgent. He reaches both hands between my thighs, holding my legs wider apart, bouncing me in his lap. Then he starts to rub my clitoris again and shoves three fingers way up inside my cunt. With him penetrating me in both places I'm pushed over the edge. My orgasm is so intense it's almost too much for me. I writhe on his cock, slamming my body down hard on him, crying tears with the release as my juices pour over his hands. But he keeps on fingering me, he keeps pressing his swollen cock higher inside my bottom until I start to ache.

How can he have held off coming for so long? Again, without slipping out of me, he stands us both up and forces me to bend forward from the waist, holding my hips fast. He changes the pace and starts to fuck my ass fast and shallow.

At last I feel his thighs tighten, feel him grip me even more firmly and ram his cock all the way up deep inside me. I sense his come splashing against the inner walls of my virgin passage, churning and squelching with every thrust.