Written by swingin_cat

16 Oct 2005

'Well, I've always wanted to try one out, but never knew where to start'. Those were the words Steve was waiting to hear from his partner Jane, who had never visited a swingers' club before, but was indeed very curious. 'I have one sorted out for us' he said, 'If you're up for it, we'll go on Saturday evening'. 'I've never dared to go naked in public before, but the thought of it really makes me wet – I can't wait!', Jane replied. So, the weekend ahead had been planned, and they couldn't stop thinking about their experience together all week leading up to it!

As their car pulled up outside the entrance, Steve lovingly stroked the top of Jane's thigh as she sat in the passenger seat. 'Are you sure you still want to go ahead with it?' he asked. By way of a reply, the smile on her face said it all!

The first thing they had to do after paying their way in was to undress. As they made their way into the changing room, Jane noticed that there were three couples in the process of undressing, also preparing to enjoy Saturday night here. Without hesitation, she slipped out of her tee-shirt, and then her shoes. Was she being watched by one of the customers in the room? Did she care? Of course not! With an aura of confidence, she undid her bra, and threw it straight into the locker. Next, her jeans slipped off to reveal her secret side – she had never worn knickers since she was in her teens. She always thought of them as a burden: as much of a burden as pubic hair, and she always loved to let her vagina feel the fresh air: more so when she wore dresses or skirts. There she stood, clean shaven, bare naked, and as free as a bird. By this time, Steve had already stripped, and had wrapped a towel around his waist. Jane's first public nude experience was about to begin, and as she hesitantly grabbed her towel, she thought to herself 'Why'? Quickly, she threw the towel into the locker, and said 'OK, you can lock it now…..I'm ready to go through!'. As naked as the day she was born, she made her way into the bar area with Steve. He could not believe her eagerness, but he was sure proud of her.

Looking around the bar area over a coffee, Jane sought to observe what everyone else around her looked like. 'What a diverse community we swingers are' she thought, 'All ages, shapes, and sizes make up this wonderful scene……just the way it should be'. She noticed that whilst most of the men had towels around their waist (rather then complete nudity), some of the women wore basques, stockings (some hold-ups, but mainly held up by a suspender belt or a basque), high heels, and one or two even wore peephole bras with matching open-crotch knickers. Just the sight of semi-naked flesh and complete nudity was starting to moisten her up, and she wished she'd kept her towel on the seat, just in case her arousal began to make her seat wet. She then decided that she'd go back to the changing room to clean herself up of her wetness, and to grab that towel.

Having retrieved the towel from her locker, Jane made her way to the toilets towards the back of the changing area. Before she had time to go in to freshen herself up, she noticed a couple in their mid-40s standing outside the cubicles. The lady was slowly caressing her man's penis whilst in a clench, and he was pleasuring her by sliding his finger in and out of her vagina. Fascinated by the sight, she stopped to watch. It was all too much: Jane's hand strayed to the top of her vagina, slowly stimulating her own clitoris. Sliding her finger into herself, she could feel just how wet she really was. As the couple retained their clench, she moved over to them and began stroking the man between the cleft of his buttocks. He looked over his shoulder to see who was giving him the extra attention. He didn't need an invite: he slung his arm around her to draw her closer into the clench, and there they were, fondling each other as if it were a ritual gathering. Just then, Jane felt something she had never felt before: a woman's touch on her clitoris. His lady was slowly massaging her clitoris, and she didn't mind at all! Without any hesitation, Jane returned the compliment whilst still manipulating the man's penis, drawing his foreskin back and forth over the knob, exposing the glistening wet head underneath. Jane's hand reached behind his lady's buttocks, and slid between the cleft, just as she did for her man earlier. Finding the entrance to the vagina, she slid her fingers inside: her first experience of another woman's sexuality and wetness. 'Listen', she said, in her soft, gentle whisper, 'How would you like a foursome? My partner will be wondering where I am!'. Of course, the couple were quick in obliging to her request, and after drying her wetness with the towel, all three made their way back to the bar, and then to a private room, with her husband also in tow.

The door closed behind them, and all four quickly threw their towels off, completely carefree. Assertively, Jane said 'Let me and Steve give you a show first…..just to really loosen us all up'. As Jane and Steve knelt on the mattress-covered bench, she leant down to suck Steve into erection. The other couple stood at the side of them, fondling each other as they watched. Just then, the couple watching received their invite to join in: he felt Jane's hand massage his penis slowly, and gently. The female knelt down behind Jane, and began to rim her tight little ass hole. Working her way down, she slid her tongue as far as she could into her vagina, rubbing her clitoris in unison. 'Let's swap places' said Steve, to the other man. As Steve moved around to the woman, her husband stood next to Jane, and was greeted warmly when she took his hard cock into her mouth. Steve knelt behind the woman, whilst she was still pleasuring Jane orally, and started to lick her vagina, eventually sucking on her now swollen clitoris. As her gasps built to a crescendo, he felt a warm gush covering his face. Another new experience, this time for Steve, for he had never before witnessed a woman with an orgasm so strong, that it caused her to spurt. It was now impossible for Steve to hold back. This had made him so hard, he knew there was only one thing to do about it. Retaining his position, his cock slid into the extreme wetness of her vagina, and he noticed her white juice coating his penis every time he slid in and out. Very soon, he knew he couldn't hold back. He pulled out, and sprayed her buttocks with his spunk. He rubbed his cum into her skin, and also in between the cleft of her ass, sliding his finger into her anus as he did so.

He retired to watch Jane and the couple continue. The man mounted Jane doggy-style, whilst Jane crouched down to lick his wife out, who was lying down, ready and waiting. As Jane's cries of arousal filled the room, he slid in and out of her vagina. Just then, it was Jane's turn to experience a woman gushing in her face. As she pulled away following the gush, she wiped the moistness from her face, and sucked her fingers to taste the gorgeous juice. By now, the man had pulled out of Jane's vagina, and had made his way round to her face. Without much stimulation from Jane, he gave a groan, and shot a heavy deposit of cum over Jane's mouth and face. Again, she wiped her face clean and savoured the taste of his cum, by sucking her own fingers dry. As they sat down to relax for a few minutes, and engross in conversation, Jane couldn't help thinking what a lovely introduction she had experienced in the swing club world, and couldn't wait to discuss her next swinging night with Steve.

Both couples retired to the jacuzzi to completely chill out and get to know each other better, and what do you suppose happened later? Well, that's another story…………