Written by unknown

4 Sep 2010

i have been looking and reading the stories on this site for a while and i have to say they make me very horny.

i'm a married lady in my 40's very limited sexual experiences and i have been married for 20yrs.

but my hubby is always out with his friends or out at the pub and never shows me any affection only when he wants his leg over which these days is very limited.

i have always dreamed about someone picking me up and making mad passionate love to me or a workman just fucking me against the wall.

the other night i was chatting in a room on line when a guy asked could we talk he was called simon we started chatting over the next few nights the comments were getting stronger and stronger i kind of fancied him in a silly way with all the comments he was giving me, he sent his picture and i sent him mine he seemed very nice said he was 39 and seperated i told him i was married and happy then as the week got on he started asking would i like to meet up as he lived about 45 miles from me i told him no at first but he intrigued me started telling me i needed to have some fun and a night out every now and then.

he asked me to get a web cam which i did told hubby i needed it to chat to my sis in ausralia so he set it up simon told me how to get it going and there we were chatting and looking at one another, he asked me again to meet him i said i cant i'm married so a few glasses of wine later he said i wish i could hold you you have great tits i laughed and said how can you tell from there not thinking he could see me through the web cam as we flirted he said come on just give me a peek at them so laughing i said ok t ook off my top and i was there in just my bra bouncing my tits up and down i was feeling quite horny by now, simon said go on be daring and show me your nipples which after a while i took one breast out and showed him.

come on then said i your turn before i knew it he had his cock out on the key board, wow it seemd so big and much harder than i'm used to seeing, i've been here slowly wanking myself looking at you i felt embarressed i could feel myself going red, but i was enjoying looking at him now he said let me see you spread eagled i said no but he kept asking me and i started to get aroused and was rubbing myself under the table so he couldn't see me i'm comn he said and i watched him spurt all over the place i was now so randy never felt like it before i some how forgot about the cam and was rubbing myself harder and harder just then simon said you are wet are'nt you i hesitated and took my hand away dont stop he said please pull your panties to one side so i can see you better which i did he egged me on watching me finger my self two then three fingers i was lost in the moment fingering myself and playing with my tit i cum and shuddered simon was wanking himself again begging me to meet up which i have'nt yet i'm still undesided what to do but i'd love to feel another guy inside of me.