Written by martin27

21 Nov 2005

I had been friends with Jemma since we met at work about three years ago. I sometimes wondered how we remained friends - we're total opposites to each other. She's an outgoing friendly 20-year-old and I'm a much more quite almost-shy like 27.

I had fancied her since I saw her - though it was totally a sexual desire more than as a serious girlfriend sort of thing. I had heard stories from others about what she was like fucking, but ever the gentleman (yeah, right!) I decided to try and ignore all that and get to know her for myself.

As it turns out I was right! Sort of! She was a nice and friendly young woman with her whole life ahead of her.

Over time we got to know each other and what we like and dislike, etc. From this I found out that the rumours were true. Jemma was the kind of woman whose legs were open more often than the Thames Barrier!!

Now, at the time I wouldn't say that I really had a problem with that. She's a free and single woman who can sleep with whomever she chooses, but I was and still am a family-orientated sort of guy. I've been in serious relationships and been in love before and coming from a background of divorced parents and a broken home I raised myself to believe that when I do find that special someone it will be for life! Call me old-fashioned, but that what I think.

Don't get me wrong! I'm not saying this to judge anyone - we're all consenting adult free to do what the heck we like. I'm just saying this to show you that Jemma and myself were close friends with differing attitudes to things.

Anyway, back to the story. Over time whilst working together and socialising outside of work I got to know Jemma really well. And if there's one thing I learned it's that the girl likes her sex rough and dirty. I'm sure she could even teach the likes of Abi Tittmus and Paris Hilton a thing or two! (Now there's a threesome I'd like to see!)

Anyway, the day came round for Jemma's 20th birthday night out. It wasn't anything too fancy - just a night out with a few of her close friends round Greenwich and then onto the Up-The-Creek comedy club.

There were a few of us in the pubs around Greenwich town centre and we all went onto the comedy club. It was the perfect drunken end to the perfect drunken evening! After leaving the comedy club most of the group decided to head home. It was winter and very cold so I couldn't blame them.

There were, however, a few of us that decided to just stay and hang out at the Cutty Sark. By this time the town centre was almost empty so we just sat down on a bench by the Thames and watch the boats cruise by.

By this time there were only four of us. Jemma (the birthday girl), Tracy, her male 'friend' Alan and myself. They were all also in the early twenties. Being 27 I kinda felt like the grandpa taking the kids to the zoo.

So we hung out, laughing, joking and getting high on a joint. And if anyone is wondering, it really isn't a good idea to smoke grass when you're pissed. At one point I even spent about twenty minutes throwing up behind a bin at a bus stop. Embarrassing, but what a night! And it was about to get better!!!

Jemma was wearing these really tight jeans. They looked so tight I'm surprised they didn't cut off any blood through here legs!

I can't really remember how it happened or who said what to whom, but then I remember Jemma started to slowly take off her belt and hand it to Alan. Then Jemma turned round and bent over the railings, her jeans hugging her arse. Alan then started to playfully slap Jemma across the arse with her belt. Gently at first, but then as we all noticed that Jemma had her eyes closed and was softly moaning and enjoying it Alan started to hit her a little harder.

It didn't take a genius to work out what was going through Jemma's mind - she was enjoying it and making herself cum. After a few more hits Alan then passed the folded leather belt to Tracy. Taking Alan's place, Tracy playfully started hitting Jemma across the arse with her belt. But then she decided to do something a little different. She reached round to Jemma's front and slid the belt between Jemma's legs and started pulling the belt two-and fro.

We knew that with jeans that tight Jemma could feel the belt rubbing against her pussy. Tracy could see this as well and started to rub that belt between her legs a little more harder and rougher. Jemma was enjoying what was happening to her, Tracy was enjoying what she was doing to her and Alan and myself were enjoying watching Tracy and Jemma enjoying themselves.

Jemma's moans and groans started to get more and more louder. She was rolling her eyes round in her head and her facial expression told everyone that was going to cum. Suddenly, with Alan and myself watching and Tracy rubbing the belt against her pussy through her very tight jeans, Jemma let out an almighty yell as she came. Tracy didn't stop rubbing the belt. She was enjoying it way too much.

Afterwards Tracy handed me the belt and I started doing the same thing to Jemma. I was really turned on at this point, my cock getting harder and harder. We both got way too excited and then Jemma stood up straight and pulled me tight behind her. For a few seconds I rubbed my rock-hard cock through my jeans and hers against her arse cheeks. Then I grabbed hold of her breasts and started squeezing and playing. Jemma was wearing a fairly loose and low-cut top and for a 20-year-old had big round breasts the size of train buffers! Nothing too big, but big enough to get a good, firm grip.

At the same time she reached around and started rubbing my cock with both hands. It was an amazing feeling mixed with rather odd emotions - here I was getting turned on by having foreplay with one of my closest friends. I was enjoying it and she was enjoying it. So I tried not to analyse it too much. We were all free and single so who were we hurting?

Neither of us could take it any more. Jemma grabbed hold of my hand and led me down to the Cutty Sark ship in Greenwich town centre. I don't know if many people know it, but the ship is held right in the middle of the square and surrounding it is a barrier which leads you to a stairwell which takes you to the bottom of the docked ship.

This is where Jemma led me. We left Alan and Tracy alone. They were enjoying a joint anyway and didn't seem to bothered that we were going anywhere. No that I look back on it, I don't think they even noticed we were gone.

Anyway, Jemma and myself had gotten to the lower area where it's very, very poorly lit. Mostly people coming from the pub comedown here to take a piss because it's out of anyone's sight. But tonight, as it was very late, there was no-one about.

Jemma leaned me up against the wall and without a pause started to unzip my jeans and release my rock-hard cock. Jemma was beautiful. She had long, soft brown hair, eyes so bright and blue you could see her walking at night time from a mile away. Her nose was small and soft and her lips were just glowing in the moonlight from the lip gloss.

She got down on her knees and gently stated to stoke my cock and gently lick the end of it with her soft and wet tongue.

She then started to suck and wank it harder and faster whilst playing with my hairy balls. Her mouth was so warm and I could feel her tongue licking the end of my cock as her spit made my cock glow in the light.

After a few minutes we stood up, her perfect tits exposed. As she played with my cock with one hand and grabbed the back of my head with the other and pulled my face down onto her breasts - like I needed much help! I started licking, sucking and kissing her breasts and cleavage. Softly. I wanted to enjoy it as much as I could. As did she.

Jemma held her head back, her hair softly blowing in the cool winter wind, her eyes closed and her gentle moaning of pleasure getting us even further aroused. Seeing her head leaned back I then started to gently kiss and lick her neck. Her skin smelt and tasted like soft ice cream.

With one had rubbing her now moist pussy through her tight jeans with one hand I pulled her head closer to mine with the other and we gently kissed. Mouth's wide open, lips barely touching and out tongues just going wide.

But with all this going on I couldn't help shake off the feeling that the rumours were true - maybe she did like it rough. And now I was about to put that to the test.

After a few long minutes kissing she pulled herself away and leant (face forward) against the wall with her arse sticking out. Her arse looked amazing through those tight jeans - like two boiled eggs in a hanky!!

She slowly unzipped her jeans and pulled them down. She was wearing the smallest thong I've even seen. With her jeans now round her feet I got down on my knees and edged my head forwards and started licking at her arse crack. The heat coming off her was unbelievable. I pulled her thong to one side and was greeted to the most welcoming sight of my life. Her pussy was clean-shaven and her pussy lips bright pink and soaking wet. I started to fuck her pussy with my tongue. Her hands on the back of my head pushing me in even more.

My cock was throbbing all the more and I just couldn't take it any more. I had to fuck her. I wanted it and I know she wanted it.

I stood up and got close behind her as she reached around and guided my throbbing cock towards her wet and welcoming opening. My cock slid in with ease - she was so wet. Her pussy felt amazing. It felt like silk, hugging my shaft like a glove. And it was so hot I thought my cock was going to come out covered in blisters.

With every hard forward thrust she moaned in pleasure. And with every moan I would thrust harder and harder. I could see the light glowing off her cum around my cock. She bent over even more - her arse sticking as far out and high as it could go. I was surprised her spine didn't break!

Whilst fucking my friend from behind I grabbed hold of her round, firm breasts and starting playing with her hard nipples. She asked for more and more and that's exactly what I gave. I fucked her harder and harder with each thrust inside of her. Her moans and groans just making me fuck her even more. She was enjoying it so much that she even started pushing her wet, tight little pussy back into my cock as I thrust it forward.

Neither of us cared anymore. We were enjoying ourselves way too much to care. The thrusts got faster and faster and harder and harder whilst her moans and groans got louder and louder. I knew I was close to cumming.

Then sure enough! What felt like a bolt of lightening through my cock I knew it was time. I pulled out and turned Jemma round as she got on her knees. She started licking my cock end - teasing it and playing with it. At the same time she was looking directly at me with her big, bright blue eyes. Partly to see if she could tell when I was actually going to shoot my load but also partly because she knew that a woman's eyes are a big turn-on for me. And, boy did she have some eyes.

She took over from me wanking my cock violently. Wanking me faster and faster whilst still licking my cock head with her wet tongue. I put both hands behind her head and started to run my fingers through her soft, long hair. Then it finally happened.

With a surge of power I shot my thick, white load all over her face and mouth. As she was still licking my cock at the time I could even see spots of cum in her mouth. She kept wanking me and playing with my balls - at one stage even gently rubbing her fingers around my arsehole.

After what felt like a lifetime we both looked at each other - her face covered in cum. I remember asking her the best way to tidy herself up…… She just got her fingers and wiped up all the cum around her face, put her cum-soaked fingers in her mouth and started sucking. What a woman!!!

We spent just a few short minutes catching our breath back and getting dressed properly and smoking a cigarette.

After a while, we went back up and rejoined Alan and Tracy. They were still there sitting on the bench by the riverside, laughing and joking and still smoking.

They saw us approaching and knew what we'd been up to. But neither of us cared. We all sat down together, wished Jemma a happy 20th birthday, and after a short time all made out way home.

This is about two years ago now and since then Jemma has gone on to University up North somewhere. We still keep in touch on the odd occasion via text message and phone call. I still see Alan and Tracy on a regular basis (as regular a basis as working shifts will allow!) and we all still hang out and have a good time.

But that's another story……………………………….........