Written by rj7742

21 May 2007

Oct invited to a Halloween party , i love dressing up , love the erotic nature of gothics and vampires , i felt so sexy just light satin against my cock . I arrived the place was full , so many beautuiful girls dressed , half dressed , i was aroused very much . I walked to the make shift bar looking at a worthy prey - i was well into this erotic look . I saw a girl that matched my desires , my wanting to fuck a vampiress . I didnt speak just looked , my piercing blue eyes looking her over and she knew it , she knew i wanted her - we didnt speak , i walked round her ,as i did she raised her breasts with a sigh and arse tightened . I moved in front of her she gentley stroked my cock , she looked so sexy she knew she was going to be fucked and fucked hard. I took her hand and we went to a bedroom , no talking just looking into eachothers souls - i laid her down on her fours - lifted her dress - parted her legs - rammed my cock so hard she was panting - i could feel her ribs through her basque as she struggled to breath - i kept fucking her hard , she was looking back at me with the fangs , dark eyes , turning me on more - she said she wanted to fuck me - i laid down , her on top so sexy - so slow , watching my cock enter her - then fast , then slow - her basque ,her face , scatching my chest - faster and wild - she started to cum , my chest scratched , she was writhing - i felt myself explode into her , felt like we were both cumming for ages ...........