Written by iliketolick

16 Feb 2006

"Iliketolick" writes:

I am waiting for you in the bar. it's an early summer / late spring evening, and the weather is definitely on the turn. Summers fashions are very eveident on all, as winter is finally shrugged off.

It's just after 8, and we are due to meet at a quatre past. The bar is fairley full for a weekday, yet nowhere near the capacity of the weekends.

I stand at the bar, with a direct view of the main door. The bar occupies the central poisiton of the front half of the bar. To one side there are sofas and easy chairs, which leads to a large set of patio doors, which opens up onto an exterior lit and heated area.

I sip at my vodka and tonic, and swirl the ice around the glass, excited at the thought of seeing you enter . . . wondering what you will be wearing, what you will be like and what your reaction to me will be. I take a long slug of the vodka, as I become aware of my punding heart, and order another.

I am dressed in black: black Hugo Boss, loose fitting, v neck t-shirt, black Hugo Boss loose fitting trousers, black Ben Sherman leather jacket and black shoes. Underneath I am wearing a pair of tight fitting Calvin Kline dark grey boxers . . . . and have freshly shaved around my cock and trimmed short my pubes. My cock feels sexy and excited, awaiting action, threatening to stir at any minute . . . .

The bar women brings over my drink and smiles, as I pay.

Retruning my attention to the door, I notice its 16 minutes past 8. The door opens . . . .

"GULPS" writes:

As I step out of the cab I take a deep breath as I glance at my watch & then the entrance to the bar. As I pay the driver I realise I'm feeling quite flushed... this is a combination of both my anticipation of the evening ahead & the two large glasses of wine I have drunk in the bath whilst getting ready to meet you & pondering on thoughts of what lies ahead...

I'm wearing a black Armani skirt, black fitted top & black leather knee high boots. Underneath I have on a black silky La Senza bra & matching thong. I have recently been waxed so can feel the closeness of the fabric against my skin & the spring breeze against my bare legs.

I glance at my reflection in the window & realise my heart is pounding as I wonder with nervous excitement what you will be like.

The driver snaps me out of my daydream as he smiles & hands me my change.

The door opens... as I glance across the bar I notice you immediately, you have a glint in your eye & as I walk towards you I feel both a sense of relief & excitement as a smile spreads across your face.

As I approach you...

"Iliketolick" writes: