Written by ted_danish

28 Mar 2006

Goody........Chap 2

She certainly was. Her real name was Gudrun. One of those

funny-peculiar names that Germans give to girls. Everybody called

her Goody. When I met her she was Dot's best friend. It's not too difficult to describe Goody. She was, in a word, voluptuous. She was only about 5'6" tall between

me and Dot, both about 5'10". She had black hair, blue eyes, a tiny waist

with flaring hips..... truly a beautiful derriere, and breasts to die for. Hers was the first shaved vagina I had ever seen. Dot had shaved it for her.

Dot on the other hand was blonde, long, long legs, another

beautiful but different ass: lithe and small breasted. They were a sexy pair. Strolling down the Kirschgasse on a warm Wiesbaden summer evening, Dot's arm around Goody's neck and

Goody's arm around Dot's waist just above Dot's buttocks. That was t

ruly a wonderful sight to behold, but not uncommon on European streets.

They were quite physical......always playing grab-ass with each other.

At the time, Goody had met a young American GI named Rod.

He saw a good thing when he "laid" his young eyes on her. She had just met him. He was twenty..........maybe. He was a good looking kid, not too sophisticated, just eager

to please. She promised to meet him again soon.

"Goody! Where did you get those American cigarettes?"

"I met this GI on the S-bahn. Rod, I think he's called. He seems nice, and you know how I like American cigarettes," giggled Goody.

"We're going to meet him at Gene's Place next weekend," she said.

Dot and Goody had met when they both started working at their

first jobs together at a local distillery. It was an apprenticeship

type job. Clerical work with regular breaks,

during which they developed a close friendship. They timed

their toilet breaks too. There, in a stall, they would

turn to sex. Their favorite subject. Goody and Dot soon

knew everything about each other's sexual experiences.

Goody found Dot's adventures as an exchange student in Paris extremely

interesting. Goody hung on Dot's every word about her year

with a very amorous French family and especially what

happened between her and Charlize. Charli was the oldest of

the children, a pretty eighteen year old girl, who shared her bed with Dot for a year.

"Gimme another smoke, will you? All this talk of Charli has

me horny as hell," said Goody.

Dot turned to her and asked, "Are you getting all mooshy down there, mein schatz?

Go ahead, touch yourself, I don't mind."

"Do you really think I could have a quick cum? I've been thinking about Rod all day and what his penis might feel like, and I get hot every time we talk about Charli anyway."

At this point in their lives, both girls could claim

virginity. Neither had really gone all the way with a man.

After her first sexual experience with Charli, Dot had a hankering for more

girl-girl fun and was trying to find out if she could make it with Goody.

Dot had been anticipating the loss of her virginity, but she found an equal

interest in pussy too. Especially Goody's pussy.

The two took advantage of the showers in the

women's locker rooms since, times being what they were, a

bath at home was only available on Saturdays. So they had

seen each other naked a few times. They played grab-ass in there too. They

talked frequently about each other's masturbatory habits. They liked to

grab each others crotches in jest, nothing serious, but enough to make each other horny. Now, Dot was urging Goody to get herself off in her presence. Although she didn't let on, Dot was very horny too.

They were standing in a stall facing

each other, using the toilet bowl between them as an

ashtray. Goody quickly undid the side button on her slacks and

pulled the zipper down. She pulled them down only far enough to get

her hand comfortably into her panties. With the cigarette

still in her fingers she lifted her left hand and placed it

on the wall above Dot's right shoulder and leaned into her

friends neck with her mouth. Then she went directly to her clit with t

he other hand.

"Mein gott! That feels good! I'm going to cum soon enough,

Dot!" Then she whispered in her friends ear, "Will you kiss

me.....just to help me cum quicker?"

Dot turned her head to Goody's lips and proceeded to show her friend what she had

learned from Charli in Paris. Goody, breathing more rapidly now, "Play with my titties, Dot!"

Dot was not going to disappoint her friend. She unbuttoned

Goody's blouse and reached into her bra. There she massaged

a wonderfully firm breast and hardened nipple. With her other

hand Dot reached to Goody's slacks and loosened them till they

dropped to Goody's knees. Reaching down asscheek. Thus, firmly bound, they returned to their kiss. Goody had her first orgasm with another girl, humming into Dot's mouth. The first of many yet to cum.

"Holy shit, Dot! That was a good one! It's better than when I do it alone.

Why haven't we ever done this before? I'm so hot! Let's do it again. Wait! You do it


"Why don't you do it for me." Dot had a hand down between

her legs outside her dress.

"Oh, yeah, sure," Goody replied, faking indignation. "I

suppose you want me to lick your pussy too like Charli used

to do?"

"Not till we get a little more comfortable at your place, Goody,'

Dot replied laughing, trying

to remain aloof and non-calanthe about it.

Placing her friend's moist fingers in her mouth, Dot said,

"Right now, I just want you to make me cum with these same

fingers that made you cum." Dot was raising the stakes in this little

game with her friend.

Dot lifted her left leg, placed her foot on the edge of the

toilet bowl, and pulled her dress back along the top of her

thigh. Goody knew well that her friend liked to go


"Let me get a good look at this," Goody said as she knelt

down, then looked up at Dot's almost hairless pussy,

covered only with fine blond hair. It glistened with

moisture. Goody ran her index finger down and between Dot's

labia. "I wish my pussy was like yours and not so bushy."

"I never dreamed I'd be doing this to you, Dot. But, now

that I'm this close to your pussy, I think I'm going

to.....um, ummmm, ummmmmmmmmmm!"

This was way beyond Dot's expectations. She wanted to grab Goody

by the back of her

head and pull it to her crotch but did not want to push her luck.

"Lick it Goody! Please,

put a finger in, and lick my clit! I really

wanted to eat you first," Dot said, excitedly losing her composure. "I've been wanting to

do you for a long

time. After Dot came in her friend's mouth she said, "I want to shave your pussy and

then I'll show you what

it's like to get your cunt really eaten."

"Promise? Promise! At my place soon! We can take Rod there

and we can have a party! I don't think he'll object, do


"Ok, ok. I'm beginning to like the idea of getting fucked

for real anyway." Dot really wanted Goody all to herself, alone but the possibilities

were interesting.

The following weekend Goody, with Dot tagging along, met

Rod at Gene's Place, a gasthaus around the corner from

where Dot lived. It was a nice little American hangout where the

beer and the food were good and you could claim a table

till closing time. The place was always loud with

American tunes. Drinking, smoking, dancing,

flirting, eating, trying to score. You know, good clean


Rod stuck pretty close to Goody trying work up enough courage to hit on her.

Goody kept squeezing his hard on through his slacks to encourage him.

Dot was everybody's friend, dancing with anyone who asked, male or female.

Enjoying both, getting hit on a lot. However, Dot wasn't about to give her pussy

to just any guy. She'd been wanting to get properly

laid, and soon, but thought she might prefer an older man. Older, more prosperous men.

These young studs were fun to be around, but she was

looking for something else. When it came time to spread for

a man she wanted an elegant, older gentleman. Goody told

her she was full of shit.

"Are you going to eat my pussy tonight?"

Goody had been whispered in Dot's ear as they danced together,

playfully teasing her about the promise she made. "If you

don't, I'll just have tom let Rod fuck me. I've been trying to get his hand between

my legs all night. He's such a gentleman. I've got to get

laid tonight, Dot! I'm so horny, I could fuck a tree!"

"I guess it's going to have to be me and a tree, sweetie.

Your boyfriend there looks like he's about to fall down drunk."

Rod was shitfaced. He had tried to keep up with

Dot and Goody. They drank him under the table.

Conscious, barely, Rod staggered out at closing time, an arm

around each girl's shoulders. The best night out in his young life so

far. Once outside the girls looked at each other.

"Now what are we going to do?" Dot asked.

Goody giggled, "How about we take him to my place and rape


"Damn Goody! You're not going to let up are you?"

"Tonight's the night, Dot! I'm gonna fuck him, with or

without you. Come on, let's have some fun like you've been

Dot still lived with her parents. Goody lived alone. A nice

place. She came into all of her family's property after her

parents died. She was well provided for and generous with her friends. They pulled Rod

out of the cab and up a couple of flights to Goody's apartment. They dumped him

on the bed. He was very drunk but conscious and

slightly embarrassed when they proceeded to undress him.

"Get us some more wine and dim the lights, Dot. I'll see

what I can do to get his pants off." Goody was taking

Rod's shoes off when he passed out again. Goody was getting a bit frantic with Rod

since he was apparently unable to

participate in her plans.

Rod knew he was going to enjoy this, if he could only stay

awake. He never felt Goody hefting his dick in her hand.

His dick, on the other hand was fully aware of the


"Look at this Dot! It's cumming to life in my hands!" He

was out, clad only in his t-shirt and his penis hanging down

out of his boxers. Goody was kneeling on the bed, bending

over Rod's swelling member.

"Take your clothes off, Goody." Dot walked in carrying a

bottle, wine glasses and a cigarette in her mouth. This

was going to be very fun, but she was more interested

in Goody than the naked young man on the bed. She thought

of Charli.

"Ok, let's have our wine while we undress." Goody sat down

on the edge of the bed, lit a cigarette and sipped her wine

as she watched Dot on the chaise in the light of the candles she liked so much.

It didn't surprise Goody when Dot pulled

her dress up and saw Dot was only wearing stockings and

garter belt. Goody thought her friend very beautiful

with her long legs, her garter belt wrapped tightly around her hips just below her navel,

and her pussy barely hidden at the bottom edge. Goody watched as Dot walked toward her

and placed her foot on the bed next to the lifeless Rod. She unsnapped her garter then

rolled her stocking down to her foot. Dot then lifted her leg and placed

her foot lightly on Rod's semi-hard penis. She rolled her

foot around on it. Rod lifted his head and looked down at

his crotch but could barely focus on a wonderful young leg

then lost the rest of the vision in the darkness. Goody smiled into her wine glass,

amused at Dot's playful antics. They both giggled with anticipation.

Goody left the bedside and made herself comfortable on the chaise lounge. She stretched

out her slightly parted legs, fixating on

Dot and the young man. She placed her hand in her crotch, slowly

rubbing her fingers up and down her slit outside her

panties. Dot left Rod on the bed and walked to her friend across the room. Dot knelt before her.

"Let me help you undress." Dot pulled Goody's panties down

and off her legs. Then she pulled her friend's dress over her

head leaving Goody in stockings, garter belt and bra. Dot

held Goody's arms still covered with the dress over her head. Dot lowered her face to

Goody's as she drew one leg over her waiting friend. "I want

to lick you now, Goody." Dot then ran her hands down

Goody's arms, around the back of her shoulders to unsnap

her friend's bra. Dot went to Goody's breasts where she

softly sucked a dark nipple into her mouth. First one, then

the other.

"Oh, oh, ooooh! Fuck! Oh, fuck!" Goody was finding it

difficult to be coherent. It felt so good! Dot had

both hands grasping her titties, sucking on her nipples

like nobody had done before. She felt Dot's fingers parting

her bush searching, searching. Dot's finger slipped easily

past Goody's warm, wet labia. "Oooooh, fuck me Dot! You

promised me, now we're doing it! Lick my pussy, please!

Nobody has ever licked my pussy. Do it just like you and

Charli used to do it." Remembering Rod, she turned her head and

glanced toward the bed.

Rod thought he was dreaming. It was a vision he had only dreamed of before this.

Dot and Goody. Out of focus.

"Look at her suck those beautiful tits!" Rod thought. Dot had her right palm fitted

right to Goody's mound, fingers down over her pussy lips.

Two middle fingers frigging in and out of that dark bush.

Think pink. Goody's hips undulating. Sucking each other's

mouths. Dot's head moved down to Goody's crotch. Dot momentarily

rested her chin on Goody's mons while thrusting her arms under

Goody's knees to bring them up. Goody looked intently

at Dot to see exactly what she was about to do. Her eyes were wide

open. Dot looked up between Goody's thighs and their eyes met. Dot's

nose disappeared into Goody's bush. Dot had one hand under her

chin doing something, Rod couldn't tell, and her other hand was in

her own vagina as she crouched between Goody's legs knees on the floor. His right hand,

he began to realize, was stroking his dick. He

was lying on his left side on the edge of the bed, his head

resting on his outstretched left arm. His engorged prick

glistened with precum. Talk about a wet dream! Then he gazed

into Dot's eyes peering at him over Goody's leg.

"Dot! I'm cmmimng! Yes! Suck it, mein schatz, right there!

Yes! Oh fuck!" She trembled in her orgasm as Dot continued to lick and gently suck

Goody's clit like she had fantasized about for so long. " I want to fuck! Dot! Let me fuck

him! It's hard, look at it Dot! Let's fuck him, come on!"

She was beside herself wanting to get on to Rod's long hard penis.

Dot looked up. Her face, nose to chin, wet from Goody's

pussy juice. Looking first at Goody then toward the bed,

Dot peered over Goody's thigh. Dot saw this reclining

figure on the bed. His hand was full of a delicious

looking sausage. It was long, not big around, but long!

She thought, " I gotta suck on that a bit

too!" Dot had come to the conclusion that she loved oral

sex! Beside masturbation and playing around with Goody,

this was the first real sexual encounter for her since her

return from France a year or so ago. She figured, now's a

good time to get the feel of a hard dick in her...... to the

hilt. And, she would fuck Goody too. She wished she had a hard

dick like Rod's to fuck Goody with. But it's gonna be just as

much fun no matter what.

Dot had a delicious orgasm with her nimble fingers while eating Goody.

"You fuck him first, schatzi. You found him. I'll sit here and diddle and

smoke my cigarette while you fuck him."

As Goody sat on the bed next to Rod fondling his penis, she turned to Dot and

softly asked, "You want to watch me fuck him? Do you want to

watch me suck him too? I want to watch you fuck him too


"Yes, Goody...... I will! Now put it in your mouth and suck it.

Put one hand around it and pull on it up and down. Suck on

it like a lollipop. Run you tongue around the head and

suck." Dot hotly instructed Goody and was seriously stroking her protruding clitoris.

She watched as Goody leaned toward Rod and

brought his hard on to her lips. "Lick the precum off the

head, Goody."

"Ohhhhhh! Sweet-jeeeeeeeesus!!" erupted Rod. He became

aware that Goody's luscious lips were engulfing his stiff

penis and she humped his leg with her dampness. Dot's nipples were protruding under

her thin top. The only other garment was one stocking down around her knee. Her left hand

was cupped over her

fluttering right hand. Still in a drunken stupor, Rod fell

back on the bed afraid he was going to wake up and lose the wonderful

sensation his cock was receiving.

"Is he out again?" asked Dot. Rod's meat plopped out of Goody's mouth and she placed it to

her cheek and looked up at Rod then at Dot and said, "I don't know, but this is still

hard. You look pretty hot too. Why don't you come

over here a get a taste of this?"

"Why don't you come over here and get a taste of this?" Dot placed her wet

fingers to her lips. She was really horny now and was thinking of a 69 with Goody.

Fuck Rod.....later.

Rod faintly heard the conversation then felt his hard on

part Goody's warm mouth and the coolness of the moisture on his cock.

He knew she was leaving the bed

beside him. He turned his head to the chaise and in the dim

light watched Goody's wonderful ass walk away from him.

Dot had her right foot on

the floor, the other on the chaise, knee up. Goody sat down

next to Dot and rested her right arm on Dot's knee. She

took a sip of wine from Dot's glass then put it down. They

both took a drag off Dot's cigarette then Goody whispered

in her friend's ear.

"Tell me how you did it with Charli, Dot. You know you're my first.

You've done it before. I want to be as good as she was to you."

"Charli was very good, Goody. She gave me some wonderful orgasms,

but You know how to make your pussy feel good. I know you can make

it feel good. I've watched you. Imagine your pussy is in my crotch," Dot laughed.

Goody slipped down to Dot's pussy and first nuzzled it with

her cheek. She loved her friend's pussy. It was

practically bald. You could see Dots labia and even her

clit when it was engorged like it was now. She couldn't see

her own clit for the bush, even if she was walking around

naked. Just bush.

"Goody, suck my pussy lips. Yes, that's it. Now the other.

Oh yeah, that's good. Run your tongue down to the bottom of

my slit. Yes, there! That little space between.........

my......you know. Lick it! Yess!!" Dot kept up a steady

stream of softly spoken instructions. "Cover my cunt with

your open mouth. Suck!! Yes!!!! My clit, tongue it!!" With

both hands, Dot was now holding Goody's head to her cunt

like she was fucking her mouth.

In his wildest dreams Rod had not imagined this most erotic

scene before his young eyes. He really did not know what to

do but watch and jerk off.

Dot took the initiative. She looked at Rod and said, "Bring

that thing over here and let's see what we can with it."

Thinking Dot was offering more instruction, Goody started

to lift her head from her first real attempt at

cunnilingus. Dot held Goody's head between tightened thighs

and told Goody, "Don't stop, I'm not finished yet." Goody

knew something was up but continued humming to Dot's


Dot raised one arm as Rod approached and motioned him

toward her. When he was standing next to her she took his

cock in her hand and pulled it to her open mouth. Rod had

experienced a couple of high school blowjobs. Dot taught

him that there are blowjobs and then.......... there are

blowjobs! Dot sucked his now purple helmet into a vacuum.

She twisted her head round and round, side to side, over

and over, then opened her mouth wide and broke the vacuum,

closed her lips around his dick again just below the head

for a moment and dove for the base of his penis. He could

feel the back of her throat at the end of his prick and her

lips clinging to the stem pulling at his short hairs. Then

she started again at the helmet all the time tugging at his

hardness with her hand. She had beautiful hands. Long

slender, cool fingers around his cock. He was going to

shoot his load. No two ways about it, she wasn't going to

quit until he did. She was looking up at Rod's facial

expressions all the time and knew he was about to cum in her

mouth. She was ready. She had watched Charli's parents do this

and then learned how from them.

Goody, still sucking at Dot's labia, could see Rod

fucking Dot in the mouth. This really spurred her on and she

inserted two fingers into frigging herself and squeezing her hard nipples.

Rod shook and jerked, leaning on the chaise backrest with one hand, the

other behind Dot's head. His testicles convulsed and he fired his

load. It rushed up and out of his dick and without any

hesitation continued down Dot's throat. She timed her swallow

just perfectly. He continued to jerk, she continued to

suck. Dot came into Goody's mouth at the same time. Rod

backed his throbbing cock out of Dot's mouth and dropped to

his knees beside the chaise. Breathing heavily he rested

his cheek on Dot's tummy and looked down to see Goody's eyes and

forehead just above Dot's mons veneris

She lifted her head to look at him, then whispered hoarsely, "I need to be fucked."

With that she turned around and laid face up on top of Dot and between her outspread legs,

lifted her knees up and draped them over Dot's knees. Rod knelt between her legs and moved

his cock up to her bush. Inexperienced as he was, he was fumbled around trying to find Goody's


"Is he in Goody?" Dot was licking Goody's earlobe and

massaging her ample breasts from underneath. Goody was almost in a

panic, fumbling with Rod's cock trying to fit it in. It was

still rock hard, and young stud that he was, had another

load building already.

"He's trying to get it in, Dot." Dot scrambled out from under

Goody and knelt beside the chaise. Dot put her left hand

on Goody's mons and grabbed Rod's cock in her right. She

pulled him just close enough for the head of his penis

to touch her labia.

"Put your legs around him, Goody, and raise your butt."

Goody did as she was told. With her left hand Dot parted

Goody's bush with her fingers then brought the cock in her other hand

between her friend's labia. She held Rod's meat in place and made small

circles with it. The other hand was now busy

with Goody's clit. "I'm really going to have to shave your

pussy, Goody."

"Shove it in please!!! You're teasing me to death! Fuck

me!" But Dot had a firm grip on Rod's cock. He was humping

Dot's fist and the head of his dick just barely made it

inside Goody. Dot, smiling to herself, let it slide forward an inch at a


"Oh! Oh! Oooooooh!! It's sooooo good! Oh, don't stop

fucking!" Dot still had her fingers around the sausage barely

penetrating Goody's wet pussy, so she wasn't getting the

full length yet. He was going fucking crazy sinking half his

dick into Goody down to the tight little fist around it.

"I'm cumming, Dot, I'm cumming!" This sent Rod

over the edge, he felt another load cumming up the chute.

Then Dot let go of his dick. On the next thrust forward it plunged

deep into Goody's womb. Her mouth wide open in a silent scream,

she stiffened, trembled, shivered and went slack. This was the first of many times

Dot would see Goody orgasm herself into unconsciousness. Rod's prick was still throbbing

inside Goody as he lay spent on top of


Dot was smiling at her handiwork as she sat on the floor

next to the chaise where the other two passed out for the night.

She lit another cigarette then idly

fondled Rod's nutsack and spent cock. She leaned over and sucked the limp dick into

her mouth. Soft, tender, warm. "Like pussy," she thought. She felt the moisture inside

Goody's pussy then brought her fingers to her lips and savored

the aroma. They didn't feel a thing. What a night! She hadn't been fucked,

but she had finally brought Goody into the special relationship Dot had

in mind to begin with. "There will be more good times for

both of them," she thought.

In the morning Dot fucked Rod for her usual morning orgasm. Goody lay

next to them and fingered herself and watched as her friends bounced her around on the bed.

Dot had many other trysts with Rod and Goody. She thoroughly enjoyed

the threesomes and except for her solo morning orgasms had never experienced

such good sex. About a year later, I walked into Gene's Place, a little place on the corner owned by an American ex-GI, and into Dot's life as well. Dot and Goody were there together of

course, with Rod in tow.

Dot and I fell in love.....we married. Later, I introduced my friend John to Goody and Dot

......together. More Goody....that's Chap 3.