Written by unknown

12 Apr 2006

More antics off Microwave Dave.

Another call was put into the office the other day, so Microwave Dave got his big shinny tool box out made sure it was clean and tidy and off he went. When he got to the house a lady he found out later called Sheila opened the door to him, took him into the kitchen where the microwave was he promptly got down to work taking the cover off to find out the problem. It turned out to be quite a small kitchen and Sheila offered him a cup off coffee this he dully accepted, but to get to the kettle Sheila had to brush past Microwave Dave and again on filling the kettle had to make the return journey. Well as you can imagine behind as Sheila was quite nice all be it not in her prime but certainly not over the hill it got Microwave Dave's mind working over time. Well he got to the bottom of the problem fixed it and sat down with Sheila to drink the coffee. On doing this he noticed something on to off the fridge he couldn't quite make out what it was, Sheila noticed him staring at it and grinned. She asked him what he was looking at and he told her he couldn't quite see what it was as it was partly covered up, so now with a big smile on her face Sheila got up and got it off the fridge, it only turned out to be a vibrator, Microwave Dave had never seen anything like it so he asked Sheila what it was called and she told him it was her pet rabbit, he then asked what she did with her rabbit and she switched it on and started to demonstrate it showing him the different things it did. Well now as mentioned Sheila was quite a nice lady and from what he could see she had a nice body all be it covered up. Having gone through all the different monitions this rabbit could do he was now getting very hard thinking off him using it on Sheila's he thought he would be brave and ask would she show him what it did to her boobs and with a glint in Sheila's eye she promptly switched it back on and started to rub it over her boobs through the top she had on, this off course started to get he nipples hard and show though the top, so Microwave Dave asked if he could undo her top and see the hard nipples ,this Sheila agreed so he got up and started to undo her buttons whilst she was still rubbing the rabbit on her boobs, once undone he gentle removed her bra and released what turned out to be a very nice pair off boobs, he could see that Sheila is defiantly not over the hill she had one of the nicest pair off boobs he had seen in a long time, and with those nipples standing out so hard he couldn't resist starting to play with them, this really started Sheila going, so he moved forward to take one of her nipples in his mouth, nibble and licking it this had the desired effect on Sheila, she suggested they move out off the small kitchen to her bedroom. When in the bedroom Microwave Dave removed her top completely to find top half of Sheila's bod was in very good shape, he really couldn't believe she is as old as she told him she had a bod that a 30 year old would love to have he presumed she must work out to be in such good shape. They went over to the bed and she sat in it with Microwave Dave standing in front of her she couldn't resist undoing his trousers to get his by now quite hard cock out, of course he did not fight this, when out of his pants Sheila started to play with it and couldn't wait any longer she put it into her mouth and did some amazing things with her tongue, moving more and more in her mouth until it was almost fully in and she could reach his balls with her tongue, on getting there she started to really work on him and licked his balls all the whilst sucking hard on his cock ,you can imagine what this was doing to Microwave Dave., all the while this was going on he was playing with her very ample boobs and using the rabbit on her still covered pussy. After some time Microwave Dave took his now very hard cock out of Sheila's mouth and reached down to undo the belt on Sheila's trousers she had on well once these were off he could see what was by now a wet patch on Sheila's brief panties but not too brief as they did cover most of her pussy up. Seeing this he couldn't resist getting the rabbit going again and started to rub it over her wet knickers, you can only imagine the effect it had on Sheila, she soon had to get out off her nicks so he could start to move more freely over a very wet, hot and pulsating pussy with just enough hair to hide her clit. All the while he was doing this she was back sucking his cock. He then started to push the rabbit into her pulsating pussy working it with some vigor, this off course was making her suck even harder on his cock. So he just had to take the rabbit out of her pussy and exchange it with his mouth now that really did make Sheila's flinch having his tongue flicking at her now hard clit, so nothing ventured nothing gained he decided to get the rabbit going again and first off all put it in her wet pussy and rubbed it in and out whilst still nibble her clit, this really did make her arch her back to push her wet pussy even harder onto his mouth. He then took the rabbit out of her pussy and slide it round the split between the cheeks or her pert sexy tight bot, this made he open her legs even wider just like one of the pics she had shown him so that he could gently but firmly push the rabbit into her anus, as he got it in there he went back to giving her pussy a good licking. This really did get her writhing about in pleasure so much so she took his cock and put it so far down her throat she almost had his balls in her mouth as well. After a bit more off this he could stand it no more he removed the rabbit took his cock out of her mouth and turned round to put her over his knee to give her nice round arse a bit of light smacking no to hard just enough to make it tingle and go red just like one of the other pic's she had shown him, after doing this for a while he made her bend down so that it exposed her now very very wet pulsating pussy which of course he couldn't resist putting his very hard throbbing cock right in as far as it would go she screamed out in delight, so he kept pulling it and out and each time it went in he is sure it went even further. He then got hold of the rabbit again and put this into her nice anus so not only could she feel it he could too, well that sensation was just too much he could feel his scrotum tighten and her pussy really squeeze his cock she was writhing so much it is a wonder it stayed in but it did and after a few minutes she came with an almighty scream he thought he hoped the neighbors were out her doing that mad him push even harder and he too felt a strong sensation building up in his cock by now he had taken the rabbit out off her anus and after a final thrust he exploded in her vagina making her again scream out, after a few minutes they collapsed on the floor and just lay there in total exhaustion.