Written by hotpembs28

13 Mar 2007

A friend of the family, angela, came over on a saturday afternoon.

I was out the back cutting the grass, when i saw her.

I told her that i was the only one in and that my mother in law (ex) was out.

She told me no problems, as she was about to leave she said " fuck you look sexy without your top on" i was obviously taken back by this, especially as she is 58yrs old.

As a laugh i told her i look even better without my shorts on too. Her reply to this was take them off then and let me have a look.

I laughed at first, then i saw she as serious. She said "how about if i take them off for you" which she started to do. I was stood naked in the hallway with a 58yr old lady who started to suck me off !

I took her into the lounge and stripped her naked, she had size 40EE tits which were quite saggy, but still lovely to suck on.

we ended up doing a 69er for a while before she begged me to fuck her, which i duly did. we did a few positions before she went on all fours and said now fuck my arse!!!

I gave her arse a good tounging then ploughed my cock 9" inches straight into her gapping hole.

I pumped hard on her srae for approx 10mins until i was ready to shoot.

She took my cock in her mouth and i came deep in her mouth, i watched her swallow every bit, she then cleaned my cock with her tongue.

As she was about to go, she said i hope this is the first of many time we acn do this, which it was.

We nearly got caught by my ex mother in law one time, but i made the excuse of working out in the gymand that i was showing angela how to use the equipment properly, she left us to it, and we carried on fucking as if she had never been there!!!!!!!