Written by anothersingleguy

20 Jun 2007

This happened a few years ago before I met my partner and got married, I was out on the town with a couple of mates, just having fun and mucking around. Getting bored with the pub we decided to go to a small club in Chapletown, it's a bit rough but the music was always good, best still it didn't have a dress code.

Anyway we were being our usual selves, pissing about dancing badly and grinning like mad, well after about 20 mins we noticed we had about 5-6 girls dancing near us trying to get our attention, they were amused at our antics and the fact that we didn't give a damn.

Alison was on the edge of the group, blonde curly hair, natural looks and a very sexy body, wearing a short black skirt, and a halter neck top, her boobs weren't large almost flat chested but I could see she had very prominent nipples. I was smitten and wanted to get closer, which pissed off her friend Carol,

Carol was dark haired slightly chubbier than Alison, but a prettier face and she was wearing more sensible clothes, I couldn't help but keep looking at her chest, I was to find out later they were 38GG and natural. Well my mate Bob and I started chatting to the both of them and we clicked straight away, so there we are in this club its getting close to closing when the slow tunes start, I cop of with Alison and Bob with Carol. I'm there close to Alison I can feel her hard nipples on my chest as we start smooching to the music, my tongue exploring her warm moist mouth, as she pushes her sexy body into mine, grinding her hips into me. All of a sudden I can feel an arm push its way between us, Carol was behind me resting her head on my shoulder, Alison whispers don't worry she just gets jealous when I get attention.

Bob had pissed off to the loo, and when he got back was not amused, as he thought I was taking the piss having a smooch with both girls. We all leave the club and get invited back to Carol and Alison's for a coffee. We get back to their place, sod the coffee, we're all over each other and pair off, Alison leads me to her room: I pulled her close and start to kiss her really slow, we can hear giggling from Carols room next door. Her tongue slips into my mouth and explores my throat as I pull her closer, I can feel her nipples harden through her flimsy top, I cup her arse and push her onto my hips, she sighs as she feels me start to harden.

I slip my hand onto her left breast and start to play with her hard erect nipple, I said earlier she didn't have large breasts, here nipples where fantastic almost ¾ of an inch long and hard when erect, and boy were they sensitive, she moaned as soon as I touched them, grinding her hips into mine as I played with the hard bud. We pull away I get behind her and undo her top and let it slip around her waist, she backs onto my crutch as I cup her breasts, rolling her hard long erect nipples between my fingers, she moans softly and reaches round and starts to undo my jeans to get her hand onto my hard erect cock. My left hand gently tugs her nipple, she pulls it away and puts my fingers into her mouth, sucks my fingers and lubricates them with her saliva, then puts it back on the nipple, I start to wank it gently. She grabs my cock and starts to rub it slowly match my strokes on her nipple, she is moaning and pushing herself onto me. My right hand slowly moves down and I start to stroke her inner thigh, as she widened her legs to give me access to wet warm moist cunt.

To my surprise she wasn't wearing panties, I run my finger up and down her slit, still pulling gently on her nipple, she groans as I slip the tip of my finger into her hot wet hole and bury the finger in deep, pulling it out and up her slit to her clit, using her juices as lube I gently rub her clit, as she sighs heavily. Pulling on her nip with one hand and gently rubbing her clit with the other is sending her mad as I start to nibble her ear, she's rubbing my cock hard and slow, keeping up my rhythm, we both start to moan, I gently insert two fingers into her deep and hard and start to finger fuck her, pulling them out and up to her clit, she shudders as I roll her clit between my fingers and tug it gently, her breathing deepens as I then hook the tip of my finger under her clit and roll it, speeding up the rhythm rubbing her clit faster and bring her to a crushing orgasm, as she moans and clenches my fingers as she comes.

We pull away and start to undress quickly, we can hear Carol really moaning from the room next door, screaming at Bob to keep up and get rougher. Alison drops to her knees and grabs my cock, its got juices dribbling out the end, she licks it with her tongue and gently takes my length into her warm moist mouth, sucking gently on my helmet, up and down the length, taking it deep, rolling her tongue under my helmet as I clutch the back of her head and push my cock deeper into her mouth.

She pulls her head back licks the helmet under the bell then gently lowers herself onto my cock taking it deeper into her mouth, breathing through her nose and pushing down onto me, I almost come there and then, she senses this and nips my balls and squeezes the base of my cock, I grimace with pain and ecstasy. She pulls back looks up and smiles, 'I can take it deeper' she says: bloody hell I nearly shoot my load there and then, Carol is screaming she wants more and wants fucking harder, Alison stands and says poor Bob he'll be black and blue in the morning.

Ali then lays on the bed, with her head over the end, and beckons me over, 'have you ever been deep throated before' she asks me, 'no' I reply, she smiles as I gently push my cock into her mouth, I gently pull back and push into her, as she alters her breathing through her nose sucking hard on my cock, I pull back she relaxes her muscles as I push it deeper into her throat, she starts to gag, I pull back and push again and takes the helmet deep into her, I cant help it I start to pump my seed, I pull back and spray the rest of my cum all over her face and tits, Alison starts to rub my spunk into her tits and nipples. I had noticed while she was deep throating me: she had been playing with and rubbing enlarged clit, her pussy was plain beautiful, neatly trimmed into a fine Brazilian, small folded outer flaps and longer darker pink labia, I lean over her and start to kiss her pussy, as she takes my softening cock into her mouth.

Ali rolls over and straddles my face pushing her pussy onto my face, as she spreads wider I smell her sex and bury my tongue deep into her, she grips my cock in her hand and gently starts to wank me, sucking the head to get me stirring again. She raises up slightly so I trace her slit with my tongue flicking her clit with the tip and start to lick and lap her flowing juices, I roll her clit gently between my teeth nibbling the juicy hard bud, flicking it with the tip of my tongue, Ali starts to thrust and grind on my face, taking my hardening cock deep into mouth as I can feel her orgasm grow, she sits upright and pushes down on my tongue forcing it in deeper into her hot wet hole, her juices are flowing and running out the side of my mouth. Alison's thrusts get harder as she starts to scream as her orgasm builds quickly push hard on my face my tongue deep in her licking and lapping up her juices, all of a sudden she pushes down and grips my head with her thighs as she cums, letting out a stifled moan, as it subsides she rises up then pushes down I push my tongue in as deep as I can get, she grips again and screams as she cums 3 or 4 times, her juices flowing into my mouth and running down my cheek.

Ali rolls off me and we embrace on the bed, by now I'm hard as rock again, she wraps her long legs around my waist and positions herself so the head of my cock nestles in the entrance of her wet hole, I move my hips so the tip starts to spread her lips, she is so wet and warm, we kiss gently as I gradually push more of my knob into her, I lower my head and take one of hard erect nipples into my mouth, this makes Alison stiffen as a small orgasm shoots through her body and she pushes onto my throbbing cock taking me in deeper as our bodies entwine. I suck on her nipples making her moan and thrust onto me, they are hot and hard and so erect. We push hard fucking really quickly: Ali rolls on top of me and arches her back, pushing down onto me taking me in deep, I can feel her pelvic bone rubbing against me, she slowly starts to grind and moaning softly as we fuck building up the rhythm, she pulls and tugs on her erect nipples, pulling on them making them even longer. She is so wet I feel her juice run down my balls, Ali pulls up so the tip of my cock is just in her hole then thrusts down taking me deep inside, moaning as she feels me deep inside her, I raise my head to try and suck on her nipples, she pushes me back, 'I just want fucking' she tells me, as she raises up slowly and thrust down pushing on my chest.

We fuck like this for minutes slow then fast, I feel my bollocks swell as Ali's thighs grip me with each thrust and as she bucks her hips to get me even deeper, she speeds up as I raise to meet her, 'Fuck me hard' she screams, moaning as we build up, faster and faster all of a sudden she tenses as her orgasm rips through her body, grips me with her thighs as she screams with pleasure, her juice is flowing all over my groin, I thrust up and empty my load into her, she starts to buck, tensing every time she pushes hard onto me, moaning and screaming as orgasms come quick and fast, she is like a possessed demon screaming and moaning, soaking us with a mixture of hers and my own juices. Ali slows down as the orgasms tail off and slumps on my chest, as we kiss gently, I'm slipping out her hot wet hole as my erection subsides, as I slop out I feel a large drop of our combined juices plop out and run down my balls. Ali's nipples soften as her breathing get back to normal: she rolls of me and we just lay there in each others arms, drifting off.

As we start drifting off we hear Carol screaming at Bob, we don't know what's cracked off, we hear the bedroom and front doors slam.

To be continued………………………………..