Written by jambo99

13 Sep 2005

I'm sitting in a living room. I'm the odd man out. There are three couples,

and I. It's late at night and they're all getting a little amorous. I see

Rick and Sally cuddling in the love seat. John keeps staring at Michelle.

I'm wondering what's going on. Should I leave, I wonder.

'Hey James, do you want to play an adult game?' Rick asks.

'Like what?' I say.

'It's quite fun.' Michelle purrs.

'What is it?' I ask.

'Well,' John says ' what happens is you get blindfolded. Then your hands

and feet are tied to the bed with pantyhose. Next one of the ladies will

come in and give you a blow job and you have to guess who it is.'

My cock twitches in my jeans. It sounds like a fun game. And here I was

thinking that they wanted to get on with their fun and games without me.

'That sounds like fun.' I say eagerly.

'Get undressed, then and go lie down on our bed.' Rick tells me.

I strip off in the living room. My cock is bulging and jutting out in front

of me. I notice all eyes are on my crotch. I'm not ashamed of my body. I go

and lie down on the bed. Rick comes in and ties me up. He places the

blindfold over my eyes. Then I hear him close the door and leave.

I lie there for a long time. I am beginning to think that I've been set up.

Perhaps they're all having a laugh at my expense. But then the door

opens. I feel a mouth close around my cock. It is warm and I thrust eagerly

into its depths. The mouth and tongue work on me. I feel myself gliding

into the back of her throat. I wonder is it Michelle, or Sally or Jane. I

cannot decide. I find it hard to imagine any of them being such excellent

cock suckers.

I long to hold her head, run my fingers through her hair. I long to grab

hold of her, slide my pole into her cunt, but I can't. I struggle feebly

against my binds. I beg her to untie me, to let me free to fuck her.

Suddenly the blindfold is removed. I look up to see Michelle kneeling to my

right. To my left is Sally and Jane. I'm confused. I look down and see

John sucking my cock.

'Bastards!' I protest. 'Let me loose.'

They refuse. In answer to my request Rick and Philip kneel over me and

start wanking off. I struggle to get away, but I can't. The warm mouth is

still giving me excellent head. Sally reaches out and tweaks my nipples.

Jane squats over my mouth and grinds her fat pussy lips into my mouth.

I feel a mouth licking my asshole. I wonder if that could be Michelle. But

when I feel a hard cock nudging my pucker I know it can't be. I give up

resisting. The cock enters me. It rubs my prostate and sends amazing

sensations running down to my toes. I lick deeper into Jane's beaver and

thrust my full eight inches into John's throat. Rick thrusts deeper into

me. I hear him say how tight I am, what a good fuck I am. I long to grab

hold of Jane's tits but can't.

Suddenly I feel Philip's hot jizz landing on my chest. Seconds later Rick

moans as he spunks me up. My own cock erupts into John's mouth. Jane

screams as she, too, gets off. When the gang untie me we all cuddle up and



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