Written by adz

31 Oct 2006

HOLIDAYS:- as they should be!!

So we finish the shower and there are no more surprises.

We semi dry off and walk back to the room.

I shut the door behind me and smile as you begin to undress. You step into dress as we're getting ready for dinner and then bend down for your strappy heels. Fastening them up.

I pinch your bum and you look back. The rude events of earlier are fresh in our minds and it isn't long before we're horny again.

We embrace and kiss. I kneel pull down your knickers and kiss you, running my tongue around your hole, imagining it full again, you are stood with one leg on the bed.

I push you onto the bed and turn you onto your knees. I begin to kiss and lick everywhere. You are getting so hot I can feel the temperature rise on my tongue.

I tease you with him, rubbing the tip against, your bum first, and then your pussy.

I eventually ease him into you, very slowly filling your tup..

There is a whoosh and the patio doors open and shut. He is stood there, in naught but a towel, having obviously showered. The towel is forced apart by the erection his is making no attempt to hide.

'sorry I saw you come back, hope you don't mind'

He walks over and kneels on the bed, in front of you, dropping the towel to the floor.

You take him in your mouth and I continue to make love to you from behind. Your boobs feel good through the dress and they bounce steadily backwards and forwards.

'Fancy a swap'

with this we move around. HE lays on the bed and you sit astride him. I watch as you lower yourself onto him. You are so wet, he goes in easy and you gasp as he fills you.

Slowly you rise up and down, I stand aside you and you take me in your mouth. I am about to cum and you stop, smiling at me.

He slowly lowers your dress and bra and out pops your breast. He licks and suckles each one as you drop down, as deep onto him as you can.

I move behind and hitch up the dress. From here I can see all. Your lips are open wide rubbing against him and again you're so wet, his shaft glistens in the light.

I rub my fingers around your tup, your so full I cannot get a finger between his shaft and your body. I rub your clit and you moan softly.

I place the tip of me against your bum and you stop as I slowly enter you. You moan out loud. I can feel him inside you and we all start rocking back and forth. Your moans get louder and you orgasm.

I put my hands around and feel your boobs from behind. You turn your head and we kiss.

Then I cum. I pull out and watch it slowly seep from you as you pick up the pace on his cock which now has my cum running down it. He cums too and you slowly ease off of him.

In that moment you are open wide and I can see the ocean of cum left in you.

You roll over and lay back, exhausted. You're surprised when he rolls over, puts his head between your legs and starts licking you.

He cleans you with his tongue. Then stands, wraps his towel around him, and walks out without saying a word.

We meet the parents for tea, and smile at each other over dinner, not really able to believe how naughty we've been.